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    Quote Originally Posted by Asymmetric View Post
    Soul is awesome but at the moment i really dont have the guts to try out direct game.
    Direct game is the only thing I really try. Even if I start indirect i make my intentions clear early. In my mind I am talking to her because I am attracted and I have felt some memorized opener betrays that. Dont get me wrong I wasnt good at it at first. But once I got my mindset correct approaching with the frame "you are beautiful and thats why I am talking to you and I have no shame in it. But I still wonder what it is about you that qualifies YOU to be with ME.
    After that my opener rarely fails [has a boyfriend/husband but doesnt always stop them lol], even if a girl tries to blow me out my frame always is I am a high value man and it is in YOUR Best interest to get to know me. I may even subtly say that haha. I feel being direct is the best way to go imo. Trust most girls melt when you come from an honest place and tell them they look amazing. The key is coming from that mindset I talked about above.

    Good luck my fellow journeyman!

  2. thanks, it is great

  3. "Have you been with a brown man before?"
    "Well now you have a chance to be with two"

    lol this is awesome for traveling.

  4. I approve

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