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    Quote Originally Posted by Half There View Post
    I don't think a man should shave anything other than his back, face, and balls. Everything else should be trimmed.
    A hairy stomach & neckhair is very appealing

    I've got pretty hairy hands too, but I won't shave them. Actually having a lot of body hair can be a good thing, it shows that you've got a lot of testo aka sexdrive in you and some women know that;D But my question is: Are hairy feets worth shaving? Right now I'm trimming the hair on my toes..

    Trust you more knowledgeable PUA's out there to give me a smart answers on my questions. Promise to answer replies as soon as I can.

    Many thanks

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    Isn't this one of those situations where it depends on if you wanna prioritise comfort or sex appeal. I personally shave my feet cos i got sick of pulling out hairs every time i took my socks off, it's a very similar scenario. Personally i choose comfort over sex appeal.

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