Is this type of behavior too needy/clingy?

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    Is this type of behavior too needy/clingy?

    I have been dating this gal for about 4 months and we really like each other. She lives in the dorms at the university but i stay one hour away from campus and have to commute everyday. Starting this quarter i regularly spend the night over her dorms, so that it will be easier than to drive an hour way. I was wondering if this type of behavior(spending 4 nights a week at her place) would qualify as clingy/needy? I can see how this action cant really give her the gift of missing me, unless its the weekend where i go back home.I have noticed that the less time a spend with her, the more happier she seems and the more she appreciates it. Sometime when we spend the whole day together we get into arguments.Should i not stay over at her place for the convenience of being closer to school?

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    distance brings people closer.

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    She's your girlfriend? If she's cool with it, I don't think it's a big deal.

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    It's not necessarily a big deal, but if you think it's causing you two to argue more, why not try staying over only 2-3 nights instead?

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    Tone it down.. 1-2 times a week is better

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