Aprender a ver as fraquezas

Bem pessoal deixo aqui um texto que postei num outro forum. Foi escrito em inglês e não tenho paciência para o traduzir, espero q todos o percebam.

Aqui vai:

If you want social dominance you need to be alpha, all of you know what being alpha means: non-reactive but the action, leading, good body language, direct eye contact, honoring himself and perceive himself as high status. Guys, not just around here, dream about this, they want to be "alpha", they want other people to perceive them as "high status", they want to be the great man that they know that they can be. But truth to be told, very few are able to go trough this, some never begin, some drop the ball at the middle, and very few can make it to the end. Know why? Because it isnt easy, you can have fun while doing it, i have, but it wont still, it wont be easy. One of the greatest moments is when you realise that theres no magic pill, there is no easy way, theres no sneaking way while you fool everyone else. If you try this you are gonna fall over and over again.

There it will come a time when you are gonna achive greatness, you are gona be alpha, you are gonna rule social situations, you are gonna be THE MAN. Sweet isnt it? Well, it is, but as everything else... it is not easy. For example, if you are great at school and you just say what you feel like, what is going to happen? Many guys around there wont like you, you are the "king of the castle" and they cant accept that you are better than them. They are gonna try to sabotage you. You get a girl... chodes, naturals and all other shity stuff will come, you will have to learn how to deal with that. People want to have power! And they dont accept that other guys have it, they are selfish, - on the bad meaning of the word. You got it? They will try to get you away from it, from what you accomplished. You are now the prey, they will try to hunt you, and you need to learn what to handle it. Many guys go around the AMOG destroyers, but truth to be told, i never use them, because... 1st you are gonna be in a pressure situation, or you really know them or it will backfire. AMOG situation many times come unexpected you will have a fucked up time if you start thinking about the lines.

To get to the point you need to understand this: everyone without exception want two things in life: power and happinnes. These two things are achived by: love, wealth and health. The most important of these three: LOVE. You will understand that most people have love issues, maybe their parents werent there, maybe he never got a girl, maybe he has low self-esteem, maybe he just want to be loved. This is the Matrix. Seriously bros, i can see this shit right in front of me, i can figure out why some guy just want attention, i can see why certain girl acts all bitchy to the entire school year or why some girls have suicide relationships. They never got love in the right measure, most of us never got it, few of us can see it. For example, one guy from my class yesterday tried to amog me in a party. He was talking about a phone call that my girlfriend best friend made me and she didnt knew, he said that my gf should be jealous, etc etc... He was crossing the boundary, no one does this shit to me. But i know why he was crossing it, he is a 5 year old kid seeking for attention all the time, you take it away he will find something, he will fuck someone life´s.
- Hey dude, WTF? Do you always need to talk about shit that you dont get?
AMOG- WOW man, i know your girl for a long time, chill
- I am chilled, and this is about me. You dont talk about me on my back, you dont talk about me of things you dont know. Or i will just cut the fucking attention string from you.
- Why are you going aggresive dude? I was relaxing...
- Oh seriously? You start going aggressive then i am the aggresive one? Oh shit, now i give up... But hey if you never got attention as a child that is not my fucking problem, got solve your issues with someone else okay? No one wants to care about your victimization about your life. Just because you childhood sucked dont turn that shit into others, capicce?

I know i sounded aggresive, but i was smiling all along the chit chat. I could see the tears almost coming from his eyes, the fucked up memories, the lack of love, all the football games that dad was never there. I nailed it, and i knew it. The guy would remember me forever and he would never try to AMOG me again.

This is easy, give 20 minutes with someone, and if you can read people, you know where to nail it. They will give subtle sub.text messages, they never talk about their father, they never refer to friends, family and so on... very few people have calibrated love, nether do i have it. You hit it they stumble. But do i do it oftenly? No i dont, i am not a maniac sadistical bastard, i only do it when theres no other option. When they cross the final boundary, the self-respect boundary.

Something funny is that sometimes i totally throw it, i dont know enough of the person in question i didnt study he/she enough to do it. Wanna know something, it sticks. Most of the time their jaw will drop and all those bad memories will come, they will have a very strong emotional response. Because c´mon guys, most people want love, they are sick about it. And how can you get love? Attention, that is peacoking, talking loud, being expressive. We want love, we want attention. If they dont respond to love, they will respond to attention, because it is the same thing.

I found this usefull because i came to a point where i have a lot of success in different areas of my life, and lets be honest, the haters will come... they want to suck your blood, they want to be in your place, they want to sneak away and stab you at the back. LOL, okay okay too fucking dramatic... The moment when you know that you got into that "social state" is when there is no between, or people love or they hate you. That is the frame that you want. But man haters are a pain in the ass and sometimes this kind of bitch slaps will get them to know where is the boundary that they do not want to cross. I hope that this rough scratch help you in one way or another.

Much love,