Hey! Salt Lake City

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    Hey! Salt Lake City

    new at the game and in need of some wings to help me get out and start picking up. Salt Lake Area preferably
    Thanks TJ

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    hey, im from the slc area myself, and could definitely use a wing.

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    Wem Guest

    What's up, guys! I'm always going out and having a blast. We should for sure set up a time to meet and go out. TJK, I believe we'll be meeting on Saturday for slcseduction.com's coffee thing so I'll see you there. P0lar, hop on that website to get the info under the "General" section and meet us and everyone else, too.

  4. im looking for a wingman in slc and ogden area

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    Wem Guest

    www . slcseduction . com

  6. SLC wings

    I;ve been in the game for awhile now I am back in SLC i go out regularly so emailme if you guys want to wing together and have lots of fun. rvpa101@hotmail.com

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    hmfw Guest

    is slcseduction still running? I signed up but no reply...
    anyway, also looking improve my game by sarging with other like minded people!

  8. Slc

    Hey! just moved to utah from AZ last week, and am borrowing my friend's copy of "Magic Bullets" - does anyone have a facebook page for the SLC area? I'm planning on going to "the westerners" club tomorrow night (saturday) around 9:00 PM - lets get this thing rollin!


  9. Hey I'm in the SLC area. I'm new to the PUA scene and I need some good wingmen. I tried the slcseduction website and it isn't working.

  10. looking for good Salt Lake City wing

    just moved here and looking for a good Salt Lake City wingman

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