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  1. Phone game help needed

    To set this up, basically this girl was met on myspace (she is a friends acquintance) we had a few exchanged messages at which point i asked for her number, we then began texting and eventually i called her(this all taking place over the span of a week) ive had one phone cnversation with her and since then have sent a few text messages, yesterday we exchanged a few messages about a football game and i decided to call her later that night, around 11, she didnt answer so i left a message," hey, i just had a question about snowboarding call me back"....she hasnt its been almost a day, my assumption is she forgot or ignored me (after a lot of apparent interest from her), now my question is do i call back, id rather not text...what should i do? when do i call back, if that be the case? also me and her share alot interests together mainly car modification, so naturally she is around alot of other guys relating to her in that way so i tryed to talk little on that topic and more so on comfort building is appreciated


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    It could always be the case that something happened to her phone, in fact it's better to assume that(for Inner Game reasons). I recommend texting her something in a few days like the I don't know text for flakes:
    You: I don't know
    Her: You don't know what?
    You: Wrong person, so what kind of trouble have you been causing?(Credit to whomever made this one)

    Oh, and from now on if you leave a voicemail you should only leave one of these two messages:

    Hey... It's *name*... you can call me back(... indicates a 1 second pause)
    Hey... It's *name*... I'll talk to you later(Credit to Mehow on both of these)

    Both of those voicemail messages convey high value, in the first one you are giving her permission to call you back(only someone with high value would do that), and the second one conveys that you will be talking to her later(someone with high value would expect that). I personally like the first one though, it just seems more powerful to me.

    BTW, all your text convo's should end with her message, you shouldn't be the last one to message her after the convo is over.

  3. This is great advice. Would Def try.

  4. yea thanks for the advice it makes sense and is ultimately the frame im attempting to model with her, she texted me back very uninterested as in text replies an hour later so...i dumped the convo at her last reply and am going to amp up the DHV, i believe i have been DLV with gonna wait and get some more insight from the forum before continuing with her

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    In the future post your text convos, it'll help us out more to help you.

  6. i will for sure


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