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  1. I'm going dressed as Squirtle.

  2. Guys, make sure that whatever you do when you peacock don't play up a persona. Oh, and don't worry about being socially calibrated. Even if you haven't run the newb you'll still be the center of attention. Not the clown.
    I swear.

  3. Another great costume is to order a shirt from Girls Gone Wild, wear that and bring a camera with you and tell girls your the GGW cameraman, girls love it, too funny

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    Halloween party - What to wear with a buddy?

    Going with a good friend so we're trying to think of ideas that would be good for a pair?
    Originally I was thinking of a doctor outfit with some fun props and maybe "asian santa" for him where he could misspell his name as "Santa Craus" (joking that asians have a hard time pronouncing the letter L when asked about it).
    Wanna keep it cheap, any ideas?

  5. Batman and Robin. Nothing says Alpha Male more than a batman to a robin

  6. You could go as the Dumb and Dumber guys (the blue and orange suits). That would be sweet.

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    My ALL time favourite that I used to rock out with every year until I was married..This will be my first single Halloween since then...
    I dress up like a french man, striped shirt, black pants, a scarf, beret, cigarette in a long filter and I'll talk with a over the top french accent. I stuff some women's panties in my shirt and pants pockets. Silky sexy stuff, I don't roll with big panties. Cause big panties ain't cool.
    My character for the Night is Pierre the Pantie Inspector.
    "Oh my name is Pierre the Pantie inspector, um hmm do you have panties that need inspecting"
    It sounds cheesy as F*ck but for smaller clubs and private parties it kills, not as successful in huge 1000 people clubs because there are lots of other wackos to steal the limelight. Half way through the night they girls would be searching you out to Inspect there panties, they'll start taking them off and giving them to you, the other guys love you because you've got lots of women cruising around the club or party with no panties, then sh!t gets rowdy.

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    Last year I used to wear a doctor costume, you may go it's boring. Yeah, maybe but I went like "Miss! I am giving a FREE breast cancer examination...Miss, it's ok I am a DOCTOR for the god's sake". That was kinda funny.

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    last year I was an underware model and waldo
    this year I am being a mexican wrestler on friday and a sailor on saturday

  10. Halloween costume

    Next week for school we have costume day for halloween, and i have no idea wat to wear....any suggestions? (Im not allowed to wear a mask or carry and weapon, real or fake )

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