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    Wait so you just do this

    To do a reverse kegel you have to tense you upper abdominals and expand your lower abdominals with air.
    While having sex and you won't cum?

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    Pretty much.. thats basically it. When done correctly you will get it in a few tries maybe less.

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    Wasn't the purpose of PC muscle exercise is to have ORGASM WITHOUT CUMMING?

    The NOT cumming is not a problem. Well it is for guys, but it REALLY is psychological. I can stop myself from cumming by having my mind drift into different state. Meditation helps you focus your mind on things, like peaceful lake or calm river, which will take your mind of physical stimulation you're receiving.

    Of course when you're ready to burst, no thinking of calm lake is going to stop you from busting a nut; however, you do that BEFORE you get to the point of no return.

    I did PC exercise to prevent myself FROM ejaculating but STILL have an orgasm. Hard to achieve but fuck-ing unbelievably awesome when it happens...christ!

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    That is the design of working of the PC muscles, to prevent orgasm. By working the PC muscles with different exercises and not the hold the urine exercise you should be able to increase how long you last.
    The thing is, PC muscles, the BC muscles and the IC muscles(muscles that make up your wang) are all innervated by the same nerve supply. Therefore to isolate just your PC muscles or your BC muscles in an exercise is very difficult. Doing isometric exercises for each muscle is virtually impossible in that area. So when you work your PC muscle you usually(not always) work your BC muscle too. The best advice I've read about is to do multiple exercises working your PC muscles(along with the BC and IC muscles).

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    You are not getting me... 1. the urination thing was just an explanation on how to locate the muscles NOT an exercise. 2. The information from the internet and sex books distorted the information by telling you that the pc muscles are the muscles that raise your penis when it is erect, when infact the pc and Ic muscles are found around your anus. It is the BC muscles which raise and lower your penis. So anal contractions which does NOT involve raising and lowering of your penis ,but making your penis soft by doing the anal clenches ARE the correct exercises. With this method after a few months it will feel as though energy is moving up your back to your head. The difference between the BC muscle and the proper pc muscle clench is the BC muscle raises your penis and the pc muscles clench the muscles around your anus. You can isolate the muscles around your genital area the main 2 is the PC and BC muscles. Many people have done this myself included.

    You know what just keep doing the pc exercises you are used to, (the ones that you isolate when you raise and lower your erect penis). and see what it does to you.
    As I stated before you may not come quick during masterbation but you will during penetration and when every 3 seconds you wil have to stop and clench the pc muscles it will get annoying. By just holding a slight reverse kegel you can go on indefinitely and then you can use the anal clench to move orgasmic energy away from your genitals and have orgasms without cumming. This does not involve any slowing down,stopping, or changing positions when you get at an advance level. I have been doing the pc muscle exercises that are reccommended by the internet and sex books they do increase the hardness and the power of your orgasm but they still make you come faster. But if you find your method to be working for you so be it. You know where to come if anything goes wrong (pun intended) and you need information to last longer.

    P.S. I up for the meditation thing to reduce anxiety but thinking of a calming lake during vigorous monkey sex can put you out of the moment.

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    In short if anyone is still confused the anal clenches are the RIGHT exercises and the exercises the ones you guys are refferring to are incorrect.

  7. hey i know this is like 9 years later but i would like you to teach me how to do this. Is there any way you could help me out. Please let me know the best method to reach you. I have tried what you said but i am confused a little.


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