Rock solid inner game!

Everywhere you go in the pickup scene, there are guys telling you that all you need is ROCK SOLID INNER GAME to get attraction and to make you a superstar pickup artist. Once you have ROCK SOLID INNER GAME, all your pickup problems will disappear and women will flock to you. If you don't have ROCK SOLID INNER GAME, you're being fake, women won't like you, and you'll die a virgin.

Now, I'm not dissing inner game. Having confidence, not caring too much about outcomes, not trying to impress the people around you - all these things are really good for your game, and we go into these things a lot at a lovesystems seminar

But ROCK SOLID INNER GAME is more than that. ROCK SOLID INNER GAME requires

- *NEVER* doubting yourself, even for a second.

- Living COMPLETELY in your own reality, where other people's reactions and opinions don't matter.

- Posessing an INCREDIBLE energy, and being an UNSTOPPABLE MACHINE.


Basically, ROCK SOLID INNER GAME sounds a lot like mania, narcissism or doing a lot of cocaine. If you begin to exhibit the symptoms of ROCK SOLID INNER GAME, please speak to your doctor!

You know what, I don't have ROCK SOLID INNER GAME. Sometimes I doubt myself, sometimes I treat a girl like she's cooler than me, sometimes I think too much when I'm in set. When I'm in set and talking to a girl, I'm not perfect, I'm not trying to be perfect, I'm just trying to be better than 99% of the chodes out there who have been hitting on her. (And of course, I am )

Voltaire once said: "The perfect is the enemy of the good", and I think this is especially true with inner game, and pickup in general. The myth of "perfect inner game" is the idea that we must, or can, eliminate all doubt, all fear, all of our human frailties, and become some kind of mental superhero. Well, I've met people without doubt or fear, and they were all batshit loonballs. Trust me, a little bit of doubt and fear is OK.

I don't have ROCK SOLID INNER GAME. I have good inner game. I doubt myself, but only as much as a pretty arrogant jock would doubt himself. I care what other people are thinking, but only maybe a bit more than an asshole would. And I get afraid, but I like the taste of fear in my mouth and it excites me.

What you need is not ROCK SOLID inner game, but some deep seated confidence that stems from a feeling of self worth. Most guys in the community need to work on reducing and dealing with (not eliminating) their doubts, they need to learn how to reduce and get over their fears, and they need to learn how to not give a shit and "go with the flow". Right now at lovesystems, we're working on some programs that will help guys with their inner game, because it is an important issue, but it won't be a magic bullet, and it won't be ROCK SOLID INNER GAME

It will, however be some of the best work from the best minds in the dating science community... stay tuned.