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    hey guys just got back from hawaii been there for 2 months, dude one eyed jacks is perfect like lost hatter said and hit up metro and republic and hush and i know some other great places with great success, we should all get together and go out and soon, later

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    orignal city of sin new orleans

    Gawd this thred is old...but thairs life in the old lady yet.. hay hook up with me on face book search "steve hatter" ill show u around

  3. Going to be in New Orleans and Baton Rouge tomorrow, anyone experienced want to sarge at LSU. Hit me up

  4. In New Orleans now. Anyone up for sarging over the weekend?

  5. I'm a 32-year-old Irish guy in New Orleans for February/March 2015, looking for wings. I have some decent pickup experience and looking to ramp up my game while I'm here. I'm up for any venue apart from expensive nightclubs.

    Text me if you're interested in meeting up and helping each other out: 504 826 4561


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