Sarging Kirsten Dunst

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    Sarging Kirsten Dunst

    Here's a good story for you guys, happened to me a few weeks ago in NYC.
    I was there doing a one-on-one with a student (fun guy!) who I will refer to as K (don't know if he posts here). We were walking through the NoLita neighborhood checking for sets, on the way to meet up with some of K's friends. We has spent all afternoon doing day game, and were a little bit "sarged out". I was looking forward to sitting down, having a beer and watching the hockey game (the Stanley Cup was on).
    Walking down the street, I see a girl sitting outside a fancy-pants bar smoking a cigarette. K says to me, "do you think that was Kursten Dunst", and I say... "nahh..... was it?"
    No lie guys, Kirsten Dunst was having a cigarette outside this bar, and I wasn't going to let that opportunity go by!
    So, we turn around, and head into the bar in question. It's totally packed, and I quickly ascertain that Kirsten is in a back corner, surrounded by an entourage of about 8 people. There is no lock in position, and it looks like a tough situation.
    I talk to the waiter, and arrange for us to get the table closest to theirs, it will be at least 20 minutes.
    I decide my best bet is to sarge her when she goes out for her next cigarette, there will be an interrupt 10 minutes in (as they finish their cigarettes and go inside), but that's enough time to get locked into a set, to the point where they're pursuing conversation with me.
    I buy a cigarette off a guy nearby and get ready...
    Kirsten walks out with 2 friends (guy and girl) to have a cigarette... I pause a minute or so, and join them.
    10M: "Hey, (to Kirsten's friend) can I get a light?"
    Entourage: "No problem"...
    10M: "Allright (engaging guy and girl, ignoring Kirsten), check this out. My buddy, Dave, just called me to say he can't make it out tonight, because (jealous girlfreind opener)... are like, New York girls crazy or what?"
    Entourage: Yada yada yada...
    10M: "Ok, check out my crazy New Yorker story... this just happened to me today, and I'm visiting from out of town"
    Kirsten: "Are you from Canada?? ABOOT ABOOT... I can tell!!!"
    10M: "Listen, little one, don't make me come down there!... So I'm at the corner of 1st and 60th, and this old, beat up car comes to the intersection. It's spewing black, oily smoke, and there's actually FLAME licking out from under the bumper... like an honest to goodness FLAME."
    "So I try and wave this guy down, and he doesn't see me. So I walk in front of the car, yelling 'DUDE!! YOUR CAR IS ON FIRE!! GET OUT'... and the guy's window is open, and he can hear me. And you know what he does???"
    (at this point, I make a face and give Kirsten Dunst and her entourage the finger).."He flips me the bird and drives off in his burning fucking car!!!"
    (Everyone laughs)
    Kirsten: "New Yorkers are so mean" (kinos me)..
    I'm thinking to myself... "Did Kirsten Dunst just kino me? Did she just run her hand down my arm??"
    Yes she did... and it was legit.
    I holds out my hands in front of me... Kirsten puts her hands in mine, palm down (IOI).
    I look at her palms, raise my eyebrow and say "Hmm... interesting", and push her palms away.
    Kirsten: "What... what???"
    I walk past Kirsten and lean against some fancy car parked in front of the club... the alarm doesn't go off (thankfully... that would have sucked BAD). Kirsten follows.
    Kirsten Dunst is now facing me, as I lean up against some fancy car, and her hands are in mine. I begin running a palmreading routine.
    Kirsten is eating up my palmreading routine, but at this point her friends have finished their cigarettes, and are going inside. I'm losing Kirsten - she is being pulled away by her friends, and feels uncomfortable being outside, alone, with a guy she just met. I'm also at a good point in the palmreading routine, where I feel she is hooked on hearing the end of it... if an interrupt is to come, this is the best time for it.
    10M: "Your friends are leaving... go join them... shoo". And I push her away... she smiles at me and goes back into the bar.
    As I get back into the bar, the waiters are just about ready to give us our seats... very good. We wait a few minutes, and start to take our seats.
    As we sit down, Kirsten's table gets up to leave. I'm like "crap!!!" and start thinking of what I can do to save this sarge. They go outside, and I pop out 30 seconds later (don't want to look like I'm chasing them), and they're already halfway down the street... and just like that, Kirsten Dunst is gone!
    Oh well... it was an awesome experience. And the really cool thing that I noticed was that Kirsten Dunst is a really normal girl... like there wasn't any difference between sarging her and any other girl you meet at a club. It was really cool to realize that even celebs like Kirsten Dunst are just normal girls, with normal interests, insecurities and regular lives. No doubt, next time I run into a celebrity, I'll be ready!
    For your amusement, I have attached an artists impression of what me sarging Kirsten Dunst might have looked like, if I had a camera with me at the time. BTW, the Mustache is fake
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