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    Here's what I'm wondering: do we still follow the same rules about waiting for her to show IOIs before we do, including not asking for names unless they are given?

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    I love day game there are so many endless things as to why I prefefer day game as opossed to night-game although night game has its plus points.

    This is a daygame instant date I like

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  4. Looking at the posters location it appears he comes from the heart and soul of day game pick up.

    With that being said, day game is difficult because it is an emotional roller coaster and you never know what you are going to get. It is in lulls that you know if you have what it takes to succeed.

    See, I always see the day game sessions a smorgusboard and you just never know.

    I've seen guys with no skill meet a girl on the street in under 10 approaches ever and make that girl his girlfriend. This baffles a guy who has read tons of theory before actually talking to a girl. Put that same first guy up against a girl that really requires some hard challenging or teasing from a girl and he will totally fail.

    If you go right on one street, instead of left you might approach that one tourist girl that has nothing to do taking a selfie on a corner that is up for being spun around and fucked that one day by a complete stranger like you. But instead you went right and approached this one girl that was just not having it and is giving you a bitchy face for even trying.

    I've done myself less than 1 minute sets that have ended up in a lay, minus any model.

    Any model is there for a reason and generalities are just generalities.

    So there is a element of unpredictability that no book, or coach can teach you.

    I think any beginner trying day game for the first three month be encouraged by that because you never know what you'll get!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Jeremy Soul View Post
    Here are a couple of examples of things I would say. If you want more more, I teach a bunch of these in my seminar. These aren't openers by the way, that's a different question (post it on the Q&A thread if you want it answered).

    - "Haha, I bet you get approached on the street all the time! [Her: No I never get approached like this!!] Don't lie darling, you have ten boyfriends don't you?! I can tell by looking in your eyes! You know exactly what you're doing. You're gonna ask me to take a ticket and be number 11!"

    - "So come on, have I put a smile on your face or what? It's my mission to bring a little joy to people every day. This is gonna be like one of those stories you tell your friends right? [put on a girlie voice] 'Like oh my GOD, I meant this GUY on the STREET today, and it was kinda CRAZY but he was SSOOO cute!!!' "

    - "So what are you doing today, you know, besides cruising the streets for hot guys [point to yourself]?"

    Just browsing around and I saw these examples. I've never done "day or night" games. ... but I know for certain I've said things like that to numerous women and they start to laugh like I'm a goofball. I think I had some roll their eyes when I mention I'm a hottie.

    We're these women just stuck up? Obviously I was always joking around because I don't see myself hot at all. Was that the reason why? Cause I acted like I was making a joke about me being hottest guy around?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BroesBeforeHoes View Post
    Nice post Soul . I've done some daygame and agree that opinion openers can seem weirdo in daygame. Therefore, I'm going to try direct openers now. However, if the chick is really hot (HB 9 or HB 10) and I do a direct opener wouldn't that creep her out? She's probably heard that she's pretty so many times before. If it's a HB 7 I can understand that direct openers is the way to go though
    Nope girls who aren't used to it are much wierder about it. Hotties just go "ohh thanks".
    Then it's time to step up xD

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