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  1. I cum too fast

    I got my first kiss under two months ago and made my sexual debut just over a month ago. Everything with the same girl, and we both like each other very much. Things are going really great between us. We're having an extremely good chemistry.

    There's one problem, though: When we have sex, I cum way too fast. We've had sex like 10 times, and it happens every time. I can go off in only 15 seconds if I don't pull out. So that is what I do - several times every time we have sex. I pull out and start fingering her or such for 15/25 seconds, before I enter her again. In average, I think it might be 15 seconds in; 20 out. This is annoying, because I don't wanna restrict myself all the time. Last time, she slept over at my place (decided at 10pm to instantly come visit me, although she has to travel between one and two hours by train, boat and bus to come to me). I masturbated earlier that day, but that did'nt seem to help. We had sex before we fell asleep, and again early in the morning, but I still had the same problem. We had sex one last time a couple of hours later, and it was a little bit better, but still I could have gone off in maybe 30 seconds after entering her.

    So I wonder, will it be like this for a long time? And although I doubt there is, is there anything I can do to prevent myself from going off this fast? I know about stacking orgasms, and I'm gonna try working on it, but apart from that? I'd be glad to get some tips.

    Anyways, she says she thought I was a very good kisser already from the very first time we kissed - and indeed the very first time I ever kissed a girl. Haha! If she only knew. She wants me to tell her, though, about my first kiss, but I don't wanna tell her i was with her, because I think it's embarrassing.

    She's also saying I'm especially good in bed, and that it feels like I'm reading her mind, 'cause I always do what she wants me to do, without her saying it. Also, she says she has been self conscious and shy about her own body, but with me she's not feeling this.

    So, things are going great, but as I said some small problems I'd like to get fixed. Glad if anyone could help...

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    Hey, tough shit u goin thru, i'll recommend this technique i ripped of my mens health mag, hope it helps. take a small wet towel and while ur hard hold it up and do pull ups with ur merchandise, 10 reps about 3 sets couple times a day. it should develop ur muscles and help u last longer. i actually have the opposite problem, i last for more than an hour and get tired as hell and give up, then i have to take care of myself by hand, what a life

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    Can you get it back up after you bust?

    I've had similar problems in the past (after about 5 minutes I'd not be able to hold it back). The way I fixed it was to have her suck me off before we had sex or we'd just do it twice/three or how ever many times it took til I felt like I had done my part.

    I also know I can last for ever when I'm drunk. Maybe have her over to your place, drink some before she gets there and then split a bottle of wine. (you want to be more drunk than she is).

    One other thing I've done that I would NOT recommend... but worked... is to put it in without a condom on for a little bit and then put one on. There is such a difference in the feel without a condom that when I put it on I could go for ever. Bad idea though in hind sight... I got lucky that nothing bad happened.

    -Big T

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    Think about your sister/mother/grandma :S

    Its all in the mind man....thas all I can say....

    you just have to phase out of the sex and think about other stuff...then go back. And yes the drunken thing can help A LOT with this. The main idea is to phase out your mind from sexs while still being good at it.

    But the good thing is that she thinks you are good in bed, and thas a big plus

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    put some Ora-gel dental pain releiver on your dick, it will numb it. then you can last forever cuz you won't feel a damn thing.

  6. Yes, actually, it sometimes stays up for quite a long time after we've had sex. But that's only annoying, really, 'cause it's not like I could continue having sex with her. I need at least one hour before I can start again.

    We've had sex both with and without a condom. Maybe I could try your combination method!

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    women say this shit to massage ur ego so just be glad she likes/loves u

    "ur so good, blah blah" just polish ur bedroom skills and don't pay attention to what she says, pay attention to her bodys responses

    give the best 15 secs of her life ha ha.

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    Practice. You'll know when to stop yourself, before cumming.

    Also consider getting few sex books on male multiple orgasms. You need to exercise your PC muscle.

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    You better be damn good at oral if that happens, at least until your PC muscle is more conditioned.

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    why do you have to wait an hour before going again? Just take the rubber off, milk out the jizz and then re wrap and go at it again. That sensitive feeling will shake off after about 2-3 minutes and while that is waning you can play with her clit and keep her hot.

    I used to have this problem. After a while it got better, but I didnt have total control. Now I have control. I cant bust off getting head now unless he is really good, and before I would blow off in 30 seconds flat no matter how terrible the head was.

    Just like pickup, sex is a learned skill. You have to go through the pains of learning. Thank goodness its a lot of fun learning it!


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