Do you want to be a natural?

Hey guys, I just posted a new article on my BLOG. It's about natural game, and another version of the same topic is in this weeks OAP, this one was too long. Enjoy.



So you want to be a natural. You want to attract women without having to lean on the crutches of stacked routines and lines, and just “be yourself” and have women being drawn to you like bees to honey… You know, you are not alone. That’s the path I’ve chosen too – that’s why I’m promoting and talking so much about inner game, because in the end that’s what will get you the consistent results and act like someone who’s naturally attractive to women.

But when you are starting out, inner game “mumbo-jumbo” (as it’s easy to perceive it as) is the LAST thing you want to read about. You want the tips, tricks, lines, routines and a systematic approach to it all, right? That’s what I like about the system we are teaching, we supply solutions for whatever level of game you are currently at. If you need routines and lines in the beginning to build up your confidence and get the ball rolling, then that’s what we’ll deliver so you can start off on your path towards getting whatever you want out of this. But that is just scraping the surface of what all this is about. When you’ve been involved in this for a while, you realize it goes a lot deeper than that. Think of it as an iceberg, where outer game (in other words, tips, tricks and techniques) is the tip of the iceberg that you can see, but what really makes an impact is what’s going on under the surface (the rest of the iceberg). We are teaching this too, but you’ve got to have the pre-requisites and a certain understanding of game in general in order to gain anything out of it… or it will fall on deaf ears.

What I’m going to write about in this article is what you need to do and realize if you want to come “full circle” in this and be a naturally attractive guy – what one would call a natural. When you realize these principles it will all suddenly click for you and everything makes sense, and you’ll attract women without “you doing anything”. If this doesn’t make sense, don’t worry. It’s all a progression. Come back to this post 3 months from now and I’m positive it will make much more sense to you once you have more experience.
Before I present the principles that will move you towards becoming a natural, I just want to clear up some semantics. One might say that you can never be a natural after being exposed to the community, since you now no longer are “natural” (you have learnt something right, so it’s no longer fully natural and unconscious) but that’s not really interesting. What I mean with being a natural is that you attract women with who you are as a person, not what kind of game you are running or exactly what you are saying. In other words, YOU are always being attractive – it’s no longer only what you are doing AT THE MOMENT that’s attractive. So instead what IS interesting is what you can do to move and progress towards that attractive being, where you attract women effortlessly.

Natural game is 98% inner game
The first principle is that natural game is almost all about inner game. When you have the right mindsets and beliefs about how the worlds works and your place in it, a lot of the outer game pieces are going to fall into place without you having to think about them. You’ve got to have positive and healthy views on yourself in order to become a natural. Natural game comes from what you project from deep inside of you out to the world, and if that’s not shiny and attractive, well guess what; neither will you be to women.

That being said, it’s always useful to know what to do in certain situations, and this is knowledge comes from experience. That’s why it’s harder to understand natural game for someone who’s new, because you have nothing to lean against except your own inner game. So in essence, for someone who’s not a natural it’s sometimes more useful to try and not be a natural and build a strong skill-set first. Then when you’ve mastered that, you go back and try the natural approach. Now you have situational confidence from your outer game skill-set, and built more inner game with the successes you’ve gotten from that, and can now try to go more natural.

Act as if you've already achieved your goal
This is a super important concept. If you want to develop your natural game skill set, you’ve got to act like you already have it. There can’t be a single doubt in your mind that you are the biggest PIMP there is, and that all girls love you. Carry yourself and act like you are already living in sexual abundance, and that getting girls is no biggie for you… and soon it won’t be.

Again, natural game is what’s shining through from your inner game. If that’s not tight, playing natural game would be as useful as a car without an engine. Listen, stop reading for a while and really think about this concept. How do you think you’d act differently from how you are acting now, if you already had the amount of success with girls that you are dreaming of? How would it change the way you perceive yourself?

Detach yourself from the outcome
Again, to be amazing at natural game you’ve got to have rock solid inner game. Something that will help you achieve that inner game is to detach yourself from the outcome. So what do I mean with detaching yourself from the outcome? Well look, imagine you have two supermodels in your bed every night. How would that affect the way you act in the night club the same night? Much like I talked about acting as “if you are already there” in the last segment, the way you’d act would be significantly different from the way you’d act if you haven’t gotten laid for three months, right? The difference is that when you have two supermodels in your bed regardless what happens in the night club then you don’t care what happens in the nightclub. In other words, you have detached yourself from the outcome of every interaction that night. If something goes down, cool, otherwise its fine anyways. You don’t stand or fall depending on the outcome of the night – and you definitely won’t let the outcome shake or stir up your inner game.

Be in the moment
Getting out of your head and enjoying the moment is crucial if you want to reap the rewards of natural game. If you are in the moment, you will create a sort of presence that will draw people in to your reality. It might be hard to understand these concepts if you’ve never experienced being in the moment before when it comes to pick-up, and that’s why explaining natural game requires a lot more of the practitioner than “tactical” game. You basically need to get out of your head and stop thinking about what’s “next in the model”. That’s why it’s really useful to have practiced the model before you start with natural game, because you know instinctively what comes next without having to think about it. In other words, following the model is a natural progression that doesn’t occupy any mental space, and you can totally focus on being in the moment.

Don’t worry what girls think of you
In fact, you shouldn’t worry what anyone thinks of you. Natural game is nothing for the faint hearted, because you can’t be afraid to put your personality on the line and you can’t get away with “putting up a little act”. You’ve got to be truly attractive all the time, because it’s something that you are supposed to BE, not something you are doing or acting out.

Feel that you have the same value (or higher) as the girl
Again, act as if (you have high value). The only way natural game is going to work is if you have strong beliefs that your value is really high. If you believe that your value is not as high as or higher than the girl you are interested in, you have already lost. Think about it. How can you display confident and attractive behavior around someone that you believe have higher value than you? You can’t. So, you’ve got to believe that your value is equal to or higher than the girl’s.

Realize that a natural with tactics is unstoppable (unconscious competence) compared to a natural who doesn’t know when and where an interaction has gone wrong
A natural is usually only good in one particular setting. For example, the bartender that gets laid like a rock-star in the club might not be able to pick up chicks from the mall. Why? Because usually he hasn’t broken down what he does so he doesn’t really know what he does that give him success. He is just happy with the results he’s getting in that particular setting and sees no need to expand it to other areas and under other conditions.

If you devote yourself to this and learn the core skills of both natural game and “tactical game”, you won’t be situational dependant. How awesome isn’t that? You will be an attractive guy where ever you are, no matter the setting. But in order to TRULY understand every situation, you need to have a lot of knowledge of how the system works and be self-correcting along the way. This is why someone who has studied social arts always will have the upper hand on someone who hasn’t.

A lot of companies out there teach natural game, but what I like about Love Systems is that we have the best of both worlds. What I want to communicate to you in this article is that reaching a true natural level of game is a process, and not something that will happen overnight. But if you dedicate yourself to the cause and start working towards it, you’ll eventually reach it and it’ll be worth every minute spent.
Natural game with knowledge of tactical game will make you unstoppable…

- R