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  • se7en For All Mankind

    124 10.56%
  • Diesel

    370 31.52%
  • Paper Denim & Cloth

    18 1.53%
  • Energie

    19 1.62%
  • Antik

    14 1.19%
  • True Religion

    89 7.58%
  • Earnest Sewen

    5 0.43%
  • Rogan

    3 0.26%
  • Levis capitol E

    142 12.10%
  • APC

    38 3.24%
  • Rock n Republic

    77 6.56%
  • Other (please specify)

    275 23.42%

Thread: Jeans

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    So, I know that Diesel, Seven, and Energie are top brands to wear these days, but what styles are people going with? There's tons of boot cut styles on ebay, but I always felt that these were too tight. What kind of cut/style do you people wear? (If you aren't pulling leg, please don't respond )

  2. I've been loving Citizens Of Humanity "Jagger" fit. They're bootcut and fit great. I think the guys that started "7 for all Mankind" split from the company and started this one and improved upon it. I also wear "7 Flynt cut" because I like the tighter fit. And yes women do notice this shit !

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    H&M have some very nice fitting jeans, and the price is excellent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StylishThinker
    H&M have some very nice fitting jeans, and the price is excellent.
    Yes they are ok jeans but after a couple of washes they get baggier and baggier....Personally I wear A&F Jeans but I also got some Levi's and Old NAVY Aeropostale and ect...Stick with something you are comfortable in and look trendy you don't need to spend +$200

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blitzer
    ...I know that Diesel, Seven, and Energie are top brands to wear these days...
    What stores carry these?
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    Cedar, you can find them at Macy's, Neiman's, or whatever dept. store equivilant you have in the Twin Cities. If not... eBay is a good bet, but trying them on is usually best.
    I prefer Diesels, Evisu Genes, and tsubi denim. I have expensive taste, but I would rather have quality then quantity.

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    Jeans in the Mpls -- Cedar's ?

    Several of those places around here carry them. I'm partial to the Field's store downtown, though. Around the corner from the jeans they have a pretty good designer section with the occasional 60%+ off sale. I've found some great deals there.
    Jeans rarely go on sale other than maybe storewide sales. I'm a big fan of Seven--super comfy. I don't think the "label" is all that important though--it's really the overall look of these types of jeans that set them apart. The nice thing is that there are decent knock offs of the overall look for half the price or less. Names like Mavi and Lucky come to mind. Some of the other high priced brands l like are Paper Denim & Cloth and (if you want to really push the envelope) Cavalli.
    Neiman's also has a good selection, but I tend to feel I am getting ripped off there. (My own mental thing--can't imagine the jeans prices are much different. I just never find any GREAT deals there).
    Hope this helps. Probably about three paragraphs more than I ever thought I would find myself commenting on jeans!

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    I was looking on ebay, and there's two brands of Seven jeans.
    1. Seven Premium Denim
    2. Seven for all mankind
    Any thoughts on these brands?

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    im gonna give buffalo by david bitton a plug here
    i think his jeans are great
    fit nice and are very comfortable with my different styles and what not

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    Have to go with Guess and Diesel on this one. Guess is always up to date with fashion. Expensive? I'd say so, but your getting quality jeans that won't fade for a long time.


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