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    Nick Savoy: Relationship Management

    I had the fortunate opportunity to preview Savoy's new DVD seminar on Relationship Management. Being new to the game (about 3 weeks in) I didn't think that knowing how to steer a relationship from your first sexual encounter into either a friend with benefits, an open relationship, or a traditional relationship would be of much immediate value. Don't be dumb like me! Literally three days later I had a lingerie model in my bed asking me if having sex with her would make me her boy friend! Gulp!

    The lecture is very well organized and easy to understand and retain. If you are an auditory/visual learner like I am, having the DVD really makes remembering the material much easier. It's kinda has that, "I remember my friend Savoy telling me not to get stuck in the boyfriend track by saying..." effect. It's also cool to see what the guy's idea of "fashion and grooming" is.

    Anyway, it's solid stuff and just as straight forward and understandable as magic bullets. I've already put the material to use and it's the difference between repeating the same patterns that made me an AFC and moving into the new place I want to be.

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    Savoy's Relationship Management DVD Home Study Course

    Almost a year ago I sat with Savoy as he recorded his relationship management DVD thinking, 'this is nice, but I just learned how to approach last weekend, I won't need to manage multiple relationships and F'Buddies for a while now. Oops! I was wrong and found myself searching for my notes the following week when I was trying to get my first lingerie model into my rotation of permanent relationships.

    This is something in the body of pick-up info that is for everyone at any stage of their game. I can say that because I needed it on day-one and it comes from someone (Savoy) who's been in the game for a long time, so I figure everyone in the middle needs it. Don't get caught like me with a big fish on the line thinking, 'oh shit! How do I make her a permanent girl in the type of relationship I want.' As I learned in the presentation, there are things you need to do early on (first day/night) to get the relationship on the right track.

    When I sat with Savoy to record this a year ago I was about to head out to my first date in six months and as I write this I have two girls comitted to me as a boyfriend, but I can see other woman, and two regular f buddies and am out doing cold approach for SNLs every week. It didn't occur to me to thank Savoy for that information until I was driving to work two weeks ago and either got calls or texts from all four girls within a 40 minute period and thought, 'thank god for that information at the beginning of my game or these girls might have slipped through my fingers!'

    Thanks Savoy!

  3. Savoy - "Relationship Management DVD Series" Review

    Having recieved a copy of the newest Love System's DVD course "Relationship Management" I found myself pretty excited. It wasn't like many of the other courses and seminar's I've seen, it was fundamentally different. It appealed to more more visceral and real part of me: The part that knows that, one day, I wish to be in a committed monogamous relationship with the woman I wish to spend my life with. It also appealed to the ever more present belief that, until I do meet the right girl that I want to marry, I want to be with as many girls as possible and test what's out there.

    The excitement rose as I put it in my DVD player. Would it live up to my expectations? Too many courses teach you how to approach and attract the girl, but this is the only one I've seen that focuses on how to keep her.

    The first disc was filled with the basics of relationship management techniques. It serves as the backdrop for which all the other DVD's are set to. It starts off talking about the foundations of relationships. It does not just focus on one relationship but instead creates three arch-types of a relationship based on commitment levels (High, medium and low respectively). High commitment relationship's are relationship's that require more time and effort and thought. Things such as a traditional, monagamous relationship and a traditional plus (where you only date each other except for mutually agreed upon threesome) are considered high commitment. Medium commitment covers multiple long term relationships and open relationship's. Low commitment covers dating/undefined and friends with benefits. The first disc also goes through the general principles one should follow under any type of relationship and gives some practical advice on how to approach relationship's.

    Disc two delve's deeper into the types or relationship. It explains, in detail, the level of commitment needed, what kind of ideas or expectation's should be set up at what time period in order to have a healthy relationship no matter where it fall on the commitment continum. As the DVDs state, relationship management begins BEFORE you sleep with a girl. It is on this disc that you will learn to embed relationship ideals into stories and conversation, how to manage your's (and her) expectations and how to deal with the common relationship pitfalls.The DVDs also introduce another level usually forgotten in pick up: How to transition between relationship type's. Mostly though, the best and easiest transition is within commitment levels. However, if you have your base (lowest form of commitment), you can easily take a relationship up the commitment levels while if you try to move down from the highest commitment level you risk losing her. Here Savoy gives not only good tips and advice on how to create these relationships, but also gives direct lines and quote's and stories to help you learn how some delicate subjects should be broached. To broaden the scope of the DVD, Savoy has a chapter devoted to infidelity where he explains the 3 part infidelity model, an almost mathematical formula to see if a girl is cheating on you but, when used as a baraometer to see how your relationhsip is progressing, can prevent you from being cheated on. This alone make's the DVD a boon to have when trying to get a good relationship.

    The third and final disc is strictly Q & A. Although each chapter has a Q and A section this last disc goes mush deeper into some of the themes and ideas covered in the DVDs or will approach the matter from a different angle. The question's are all thoughtfully answered, some taking up to two minutes and longer, more nebulous question's taking up to eight minutes. The question's themselves run the gamut from the vital (i.e. how to find out if your girlfriend is cheating, finding the right relationship type for you, telling her you are seeing other people, screening for things you want and how to encourage those behaviors in the women you date) to the very useful (i.e. managing multiple relationships, what dates are more likely to lead to sex, ect).

    On the negative side, some of the tip's given are common sense. This happens more in the first disc then it does in the second or third. Of course, seeing as it is an introduction to relationships that is to be expected.

    The DVDs are wonderful not only because they feel the empty niche of "dating and relationships" in pick up but because they do it so well. Speaking as a man who loves commitment, a guy who want's more out of a girl then just to sleep with her and never see her again these DVDs allow me a better look into the world of relationships and what to do after you have the girl. Watching the DVDs and taking notes have given me much greater freedom in knowing what I want and how to get it while also making me question why I want one type of relationship over another. If you're a PUA who wants multiple relationships, fuck buddies, monogamy or even if you have a girl and want to know how to keep her happy and loyal then these DVDs are for you.

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    I'm hyped already. When will they be available?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by GAT0R View Post
    I'm hyped already. When will they be available?
    The DVD series should be due out within two months.

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    The reality is that guys who get good end up spending more time dealing with relationship management issues than worrying about cold approach.

    If you are getting really high quality women you're going to want to keep them around in some capacity, even if it's not an exclusive commitment... Having these relationship management skills down tight will go a long way towards creating a kickass lifestyle where you have more women at your disposal than you can handle. And then you just add new ones when you feel like it.

    Savoy has a ton of experience at this in both conventional and "unconventional", less committed type relationships and this product is something everyone can really use.
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    i just ordered my 3-disc DVDs but i'm biggest issue i have is fucking a girl & her not wanting to hang out with me after a couple of weeks b/c i offer no commitment & i'm trying to figure out ways to keep fucking her...i also want to know what i can tell girls to make them fee comfortable with me seeing other one poster mentioned, i would think this entire DVD is simply common sense but savoy had a great marketing scheme IMO

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    This is going to be worth the $199 at least. Before sitting with Savoy on this, I had never had more than one girl at a time and I had a rotation of four within weeks. Just recently I had to fire a couple of my girls becuase I didn't have time for all four with more approaches.

    Of course, we have different sticking points, but no one is 'natural' at this so it aint common sense, it's just intuitive when you hear it and it's not too complex. It's just a matter of knowing what to do and being disciplined enough to do it.

    My girls only pressure me not to see others when I see them TOO often. That's one thing to try and fix, and you've got to offer A LOT of value. She has to understand that you are in such high demand that of course you wouldn't settle for just one girl. Women are hard wired for this, you just have to learn how to trigger it.

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    Has the pre-ordered DVDs been shipped yet? I haven't got any update about my order since I ordered it.

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    I didnt say anything hoping david was gonna get answerd.I second his question,I havent had any kind of update either.

    My B,literally just got the email after this post.
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