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  1. Tanglewood,

    I just bought the manual at Go there. I think the company is transitioning to a different company name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulwall3232 View Post

    I just bought the manual at Go there. I think the company is transitioning to a different company name.
    I Just bought mines too today? Are we getting it through Mail? I found it kinda odd that they wanted our Shipping address with the Billing address. I thought it was an ebook?

  3. My review of The Routines Manual:

    I have read all 199 pages of the manual. It's pretty good. The price is a little steep, but still worth purchasing. I have to say that a lot of the routines do not work for me. I'm not saying none of the routines work certainly there are some that I will use in field.
    The book talks a lot about congruence. I believe to be successful you really do have to use routines that match your personality. A lot of the routines presented in the book do not match my personality. You really shouldn't pretend to be someone you're not.
    I think the book is great at giving one a perspective on how to create routines. It lays out the foundation for creating routines in a step by step method. The examples in the book really allow one to see how a routine should flow thru the different phases of the mystery method (opening, attraction, comfort, etc).
    In the end I think creating your own routines is the better route to go. Reading the book definitely stimulated the creative process for me. I already have several routines flowing through my head as I write this. I will certainly test the routines that I've created in field, and wil post the results. I also will share my routines if they are successful after microcalibration in field.

  4. This is a really sick book just finished it, but honestly if you're not congruent with what you say this stuff will hurt you more then it helps. This book almost exemplifies the fake it till you make it slogan because it gives you routines that actually work so you will be successful and gain confidence and approach more girls and use them more and more until you started molding them to you as a person and creating your own.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Goldmansachs View Post
    This is a really sick book just finished it, but honestly if you're not congruent with what you say this stuff will hurt you more then it helps.
    For a lot of people in the community, I suspect the only thing they can be 'congruent' with, is wanking to net porn. Approaching will be incongruent. Talking to a girl will be incongruent.
    So congruence is an argument for the trash can.

    Good job Savoy.

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    The Love Systems site is the place to buy the Routines Book.

    It is Savoy's newly developing brand and will be the only place to buy the Routines Book.

    It's safe and is the official site for the product.

    Just wanted to clear that up.
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    Excellent. Thanks guys. I'm going to buy my copy tomorrow.

  8. Just bought a copy..
    1 question tho.. i noticed on alot of the openers theirs no time constraint and a sorta set up like

    Hey guys, i can only stay a minute but i want your opinion on something, blah blah..

    Instead its just Hey guys, Blah blah..

    Are we supposed to add in the time constrain ourselves and the other bit?

    Seems a bit weird to walk up to a group of strangers and say.. Hey guys, i just got in a fight.. etc? lol?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by philkills View Post
    i'd be very wary of this.. the people who are appraising this site only registered a few days ago...

    And they want shipping and billing addresses??? wtf??

    Sounds to me to be a identity theft/ CC Fraud site.. beware.. unless savoy or another mod recommends this site.. i'd personally stay well clear ;-)

    It's legitimate. I bought the ebook from this site and if you go to Savoys blog it directs you to So it is legit.

  10. Use the routines manual in conjunction with the mystery method or magic bullets book. Build your game from the ideas presented. Do not use it as a memorizied script. If you're a f*cking great actor you can probably get away with memorizing it like a script. If you're not a gifted actor than you'll get burned every time because you won't seem genuine.

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