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    Just like daytime dating is informative and interesting so is the Routines Manuals. I promise it's worth every penny. If you read it and disagree with me please ask for your money back.

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    Routines Manual Review

    The best way for me to review Routines Manuals 1 & 2 is to describe my level of expertise prior to purchase. I had so many pre-conceived notions about how the world works, that you need money, looks, status to get women, it was pretty extreme. A lot of guys I have met throughout the years have the same outlook.

    Basically, what I used to do was get drunk, build up courage, talk to a woman, and usually either fuck it up, or for some mysterious reason, the conversation would flow beautifully. These rare positive occasions were not repeatable, due to lack of framework, and primarily alcohol.

    Immersing myself into the Routines Manuals, I memorized a ton of stories, tried them out, went back, memorized some more, and kept building until I had a repretoire of pretty interesting stuff. These were the building blocks of my routine stack.

    As I progressed I learned in-field what works for me and what doesn't, eventually tossing out some routines, and sculpting others to my own circumstance and taste. There are so many stories, routines, jokes, teases, etc, that I encourage you to try a lot of them, and continually replace, refine, and go back to the manuals every so often for a fresh perspective.

    For some reason that dumb joke routine "Why did God make women so beautiful?" has stuck in my head, I have developed a habit of interjecting that into most conversations and dates with women, I will probably use it tonight. Why? Because I know that she will laugh, go "awwwww, that's adorable", and learn some intelligent insights from that routine.

    Some of these routines are stuck in my head forever, and when the conversation lulls, I am now able to recall and tell a solid story, because I spent so much time memorizing the manuals.

    Some guys who have been in the game for awhile, and have gotten good, will tell you they don't use routines, manuals, etc. but I think a lot of them are not willing to admit how much these things helped them, and laid a solid foundation in the early stages of mastery.

    The Routines Manuals will make anyone better faster, so why waste time?

  3. I take it it's no longer in paperback, gotta invest in a kindle

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randymcdougal316 View Post
    I take it it's no longer in paperback, gotta invest in a kindle
    From the Love Systems webpage you get it in PDF format readable on most devices. As for a Paperback, if you're really set on that I guess you could contact the office and hear if they can ship one. Just click the box in the lower right corner.

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    You can get a lot of stuff on paperback at Love Systems's Books and Publications Spotlight
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  6. this system is great . I am having good results and want to thank developers. I am using all I learnt to date as many girls as possible. Since I found I must confess that my sexual life has improved a lot !

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