LR: Oh yeah, that's right I kick ass

A couple of weeks ago, I get the call. Kinda like when they turn the light on for Batman in Gotham city because somebody is in distress, I get the call because there's a guy out there needs his game to be fixed. This time the call is coming from Tokyo.

I flew in yesterday. I didn't know what to expect from this place. My first time ever here. My life has been so intense lately that waking up at 4 AM to get to the airport and catch a flight seems like it's just a part of the train of activities that are characteristic of my life.

Get here, no break. Arrive, go eat, go meetup with my student. He's a cool guy, he's got a really good personality and natural charm, great guy to work with so I'm glad he looked me up and requested me for a 1 on 1.

We go over theory specifically tailored for his game, we create a solid game plan. We spend several hours go through all the details that are needed in order to have super tight game. We also fix some of his stories and rigged them with DHV's that match his identity instead of just random stories. We do that for a few hours, and we're ready to hit the town.

We go out to our first bar, I do my first set there, my student is not feeling this place, and neither am I, much older crowd and the ratio is not that good.

We bounce, go to another area of town and I do this set as a demo and it hits really well. She's from London, I ask her about some friends I know in London that are out a lot, last girl I met from London did know them but this one didn't unfortunately because they're a DHV to know in London. She's in Tokyo for a quick trip just like I am, arrive thursday, leave saturday. I do all the steps I usually run to turn her on at hyper speed (not an easy task when you're meeting a complete stranger), and she's loving it.

I can't even imagine what it's like for girls to get approached by a competent guy, it must be a weird experience cause it all flows so well yet it's so unexpected at the same time.

But I tell her I have to go and I focus on pushing my student into sets. The first two sets were rough, the third set get much easier and he's getting lots of kino. We improve on his kino escalation and how to set the leadership frame stronger.

We are ready to bounce and the London set is attaching to us. We all bounce together in what would end up being the club/seduction location for me and one of the girls.

My student (I hate calling him "my student" btw I wish I could just put his name here) is getting pumped and is gaming the bartender and one of the two London girls we brought. He then starts to make out with his London target. I'm happy since he's gone from doing just a few sets in this year to doing a jealousy plotline between a Bartender and a cute girl from London and making out with one of them.

So while I'm watching this, I'm also telling my girl how I'm gonna fuck her, I put myself behind her and tell her to spread her legs, and tell her to imagine us in this position but being horizontaly and how this is exactly how I'm going to fuck her in the first chance I have.

I do this for a while, we're flirting and the sexual tension is on. I tell her to bend over that I'm just going to fuck her right here, although I wasn't serious, somehow the bathroom comes up. We go upstairs to find it, but it's a no go, we try one fire exit, but we were interrupted by a waiter coming through, bad place. We make it to the end of the hall, and we get to the fire exit. There are still people coming and going in the fire stairs, damn.

Finally the gods of promiscuity are on our side, and as we go to the very bottom floor, that door is locked and nobody is coming through. I unscrew the light bulb to make it a bit more dark and romantic, I put on a condom, tell her to bend over and start fucking her as she's holding on to the rails. Victory!

But the best part was when I was about to come, she starts to spaz out with a massive orgasm and I can feel her squirting on my thigh. Pretty intense shit.

We go back and I know, deep inside, that I've made it here, so I can make it anywhere. New York is cool.

After that we actually went at our fire escalator later and she gave me a blowjob and I made her squirt with the technique that Mr M shared with me (dude! I finally made it work!), and through this my student was in full escalation with his London girl.

I feel like we made a lot of progress and I was able to see a lot of his sticking points, because he would have pulled his girl if he had set the leadership frame a little bit stronger. Girls always like a guy that has a strong dominant frame and is certain about what he wants. But that's what we're covering today in our 1 on 1.