Basically this is a technique I use whenever I'm getting something from a girl, and it works on several levels, because the fact that you want something will automatically subcomunicate lower value and that you need her.

So to solve this problem we use distractors whenever you want to get something from a girl, this is particularly something I use in phone game and text message game. So let's say your goal is to get her to come out with you. Your average guy will say:

"Hey let's go out"
"We should hang out"
"Come with me to X"

And the thing is, they're all correct, EXCEPT that you need to add a distractor afterwards. This is because no girl wants to say "yes" without adding more to the sentence because it will make her feel uncomfortable (bad comfort game). So instead we want to add something like this:

"hey let's go out, but you gotta buy me a present, I'm high maintenance"
"We should hang out, I'm at the gym right now so I can only hang out after 8"
"Come with me to X, just so you know if you're friends with me you have to love white wine, otherwise we wouldn't be able to hang out"

So this takes the presure of yes, and she can even deny the distractor, and still say
"oh no I'm not buying you a present, I'm broke" which means she can still say no to something in the sentence and say yes to the real purpose.

It's the same way when you say something like "I like you", it can make a girl uncomfortable, but if you add "too bad you're such a dork" to it, then it becomes easier for her to respond because it's not so serious or heavy. Remember, we want to stay away from heavy vibes and be playful.

You want to be the guy that tells girls that need to not be so stressed, in fact I have a neg that's like "why are you so tense, you're such a dork!" (said in a playful way), that works great.

In my next post I want to talk about status vrs game but I don't have time to write it up right now.