The 4th Attraction Switch

This post is about "social status" or the social power that people have in specific situations and how that is an attractive quality to many women. Power is a big turn on for girls, and social status is a form of it.

We have three "main attraction" switches that we teach.

- Pre selected by women
- Leader of men
- Protector of loved ones

And there's a fourth switch that's sometimes taught as a "secondary switch" and that's having the ability to emote women.

I've been noticing that there's a switch that overrides some of these switches in importance. For example, a guy that might have the ability to protect a woman, will not be as attractive to most women as a guy that offers her status just for being aligned with him.

Men base their success on accomplishments. Women base their successes on their relationships. The better the guy she's with, the more successful she is. How is that rated?

Social Status.

Think about what women want in a guy. They want someone who is in control of their environment, someone who leads other men, someone who has power in any given situation, all of which can translate into status.

What you want to do is align yourself with people that are powerful. Think of it as a team. It's like in high school, when you are friends with the cool kids, you become a cool kid. Girls do this all the time, they strategically form friendships with beautiful girls, and they form teams of super hot chicks, I know girls that want to have as many of these hot girls in their corner. Every hot girl they add to their group adds points to their individual hotness.

The same way with guys, you want to be aligned with the power players.

You walk in the door with your girl and her friends,
you know the bouncer (add a point)
He lets you cut the line (add a point)
you get a table and the owner comes by and says hi (Add a point)
A beautiful girl comes by and says hi (add a point)

This type of thing. The more alliances you have the more "social status" you have.

Super hot girls also are considerably more drawn to this than the rest. I think it's because they live in this kind of world, that they don't want someone that THEY have to get into a club, THEY have to pull favors to let him in. They want to feel taken care of. If you don't have status then this makes things a bit more difficult (not impossible), but it's just one of those things that if you work on, like making reservations to the clubs you want to go, take some time to know the people that work there. These things will make your life much easier.

I specifically remember this VIP host introducing me to this great girl, stunning and I had one of the best times of my life with her. All because I just took the time to chat a stranger up.

So in summary social status, work on getting to know as many power players as you can, and your market value goes up.