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  1. I appreciate the vote of confidence guys, but I think the moderator should be someone who hasn't been warned recently.

    Screamer, Jadmas and PrillePralle are all qualified IMO.

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    verdal Norway

    My vote goes to Jadmas.. good luck ;.)

  3. Moderator

    Jeg må si jeg er smigret over at noen i det hele tatt har meg i tankene, når det kommer til å velge moderator for dette forumet, med tanke på alt det sarkastiske flåset jeg har spydd ut her. Men dersom dere skal ha en Pick - up artist, så må det nok bli noen andre. Jeg er nok mer som en klovn, som sier dumt shit til damer. Ta for dere Jeffy fra RSD, så se for dere en kar som er mye, mye dummere og ikke like kul. Da har dere meg. Jeg er vel bedre på å teste ut alt som ikke fungerer, enn noe annet.

    Men ang moderatorer, det burde vært fler. Tviler på at det er noen som kommer til å droppe innom her hver dag.. Eller kanskje???

  4. I hereby nominate myself.
    Not much to and no history of criticism... -i hope.

    But i wont sit here all night long... i am a gamer, and lives like one.

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    My vote goes to Jademas. We need someone who actually supports TMM in a TMM-forum. I could nominate my self, but I got no forum admin-XP...


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    I think Jademas would be a suitable moderator. He has the PUA knowdledge, and he's posting a lot, which means he probably has the time to moderate the forum.

    Therefore I give my vote to Jademass, good luck

  7. Jeg vet, Jadmas elsker dette forumet. Han klarer ikke å holde seg unna.

    Han burde bli moderator..

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    then it is desided Jadmas should be our new admin :-)

    You have learn me many new thing`s through your post Jadmas, and I realy apriciate it-
    Hope you do a greate job.... and hope you dont get in to more fights with craven or chen.... osv---
    if so... we are gonna kick your ass.. hhehehe...

    Give your visdom too uss newbees.. and maybe we 1 day might challenge you to pick up the most beutifull girl in existence... as... Jesica alba or something....


    dam it.............. I`m drunk... and My english is not that good... eather....
    Just got shut down by three sets--- do day--- :-( and the girls was not that preatty eather... HB 4-5 or something......

    Yhe I know stypid to pick up girls when drinking.... but I`m to drunk to even care...

  9. short FR: nr1 set: 2 hb4`s crash and burn! next set 5-0 got k-close
    even met some jr-gamers... -which who seriously needs some more XP -you cant talk yourself into pussy on a loud place... .... then you need the attraction-gene...


    edit: ups... one more vote for me?

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    Dear Toysegutt... we need someone who KNOWS how to follow TMM. Only then can you help others with StickingPoints+++ therefore jadamas... or good old william wallace. but he isn't active. or me (though no xp of beeing moderator)

    ....a bit off topic:
    this is KJing mate:
    .... then you need the attraction-gene...
    if you don't have the attraction "gene" you are steril (mystery).

    and this:
    you cant talk yourself into pussy on a loud place...
    yes you can. speak louder, and bounce them with you to a new venue.

    back to my point and opinion:
    so again... we need a moderator who 1. knows the TMM eneugh to answer questions and help with SPs, 2. do not KJs, and 3. has some or much XP being a moderator.

    so... Jademas is so far the one best suited for the job.



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