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    Quote Originally Posted by MrCharlie View Post
    Hey guys, new to the thread.
    I've been into this girl for quite a while now ( 4 months) I've confessed to her twice already. First response she said was "If I were to date you, it be dating myself cause we're too similar" ( Wtf arent you supposed to find someone thats similar to you?)
    Second time I told her she just listened and didnt reply. She's told me that there was no chance of getting at her, I swear women never give a freaking reason why but anyway, its summer time and we've actually been talking ALOT and texting everyday. Talking on the phone and I hear her laughing, texting me with smiles and giving me goodnight/goodmorning texts a few times. I'm seeing her on wednesday and we're going out to eat and i'm planning on taking her to the city to see some sights. My friendship with this girl has grown stronger, and just asking if I should try kino and see what happens. I really really like this girl and its hard for me to move on. I think this girl is worth waiting for but I need an opinion from my fellow guys first
    Don't ever ever ever confess your feelings to a girl. Trust me you almost have nothing to gain from it. Stupid love movies have ruined young males i swear lol. The only time you should confess anything if when you are on one knee with a ring asking her to marry you. THAT'S IT.
    You have some damage control to do because of that. It might be too late. Read the steps on page one and do what it says. Play close attention to the disqualification part. Thats the only way to gain some ground. Also I'd try to make her jealous after disqualifying her (the tricky part is to do them while not looking like an asshole so try to disqualify her in a joking way and be smooth about making her jealous of another girl dont rub it in her face, just casually mention it). Those 2 combined should be enough to start reframeing you relationship and get you on equal ground. Then start the Kino, flirting etc. Always joking around dont make it too serious. AND NEVER TELL HER HOW YOU FEEL NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU WANT TO.
    A few more tips:
    Always be the one to break off a convo, text, meeting FIRST. This also shows that you aren't needy and is attractive.

  2. Does this also apply if I dated the girl for 2-3 months? Things were going steady if not too fast. She was dropping bombs like never being this attracted to a guy this fast. She warned me at the beginning she had commitment issues and it seems like when she realized she was in a relationship of sorts she freaked out and went cold immediately.

    Ran into her after a couple weeks no contact at a party and she kept saying she shouldn't be talking to me but every time I told her to walk away she wouldn't. Then she pulled a "can we be friends?" to which I said sure and kissed her on the cheek good bye for the night.

    I stupidly messaged her the next day to ask her what the hell happened with her and she admitted to running now when it started to feel like a real relationship because she doesn't want that right now. So I said I understand and wished her well. Since then no contact again.

    How do I get myself out of this friendzone?

  3. Will definetly try this out, stay tuned.


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    Friend played guitar while I sang a song to the girl of my intrest, this embarrassed her and made her "feel like she was in a movie". So I came across this forum and started the steps, it's been two weeks without texts or calls, but she she texts me and 'likes' everything I do on Facebook. Should I do anything about that?

    P.S. The song was (snap out of it by Arctic Monkeys).

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    Quote Originally Posted by AbsoluteAO View Post
    Anyone still checks this post?
    Well I just did, since you just bumped it

  7. Hahah well thanks for answering
    I suppose an "It's a trap!" meme is needless since you already came swinging the admin hammer :P
    So I'll get right to some questions I've got regarding the debated topic:
    1.What if you meet the friend for a short minute(without initiating convo,smthg like "hi,sry gtg" ) and cut her off without completing the "deadline"?Would that be a good thing,as you'd be raising questions in her head?Appear mysterious or w/e?
    2.If she checks on you online and you talk to one of her best friends,should you stop talking to that particular friend but still post content with other females?As to show you are desired by other women but not keep her updated enough to stop the "social re-framing" between the two of you to happen?

  8. I was doing an overnight trip with a friend early last year and it worked, but we didn't have sex.

    Now I've cut off contact for 2 - 3 weeks.
    After the second week she started tagging me in statuses, asked me to hang and I ignored her.

    Her birthday is next week and it's a camping trip (about 8 people going) I don't know if I've ignored her enough. She's messaged me asking if I'm coming for it and if people can carpool with me?

    I haven't responded to her (also I hate most people there and don't know what my sleeping arrangements are).

    Am I better off letting her know within the next 48 hours if I'm going and let her know I don't have a tent and see if she'll let me sleep in hers? or am I better of blowing off the event?
    I hope she doesn't seem super eager more to convince me to come so people can get a ride with me, cause she knows I don't like the people there.
    I'm a complete novice here.


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