How to write a True DHV Story

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    How to write a True DHV Story

    How to write a True DHV Story

    Ok, let’s get something out of the way. DHV story must be YOUR story. If you want success with women you want to have enough shit going on in your life that you can easily come up with story from your adventures.
    Canned and false DHV stories are great for getting you started. You learn how to create your own DHV stories by re-telling other people’s stories. It, sometimes, might even get you attraction, if girl is poorly calibrated. Most social girls, and people, in general, have knack for picking up on bullshit. We all know “that guy” who says he is all that (poorly structured attempt at DHV) but we always roll our eyes behind his back; “OMG! This guy is sooo full of shit!” You don’t want to be that guy.

    I have no problem with using canned materials in order to get you started Eventually, you need to start working on your own shit and stop bitching about being called out, because, you’re using other people’s crap. The game is not fair, why don’t you cry about it?

    Da Fun-da-mentals … of telling a true story….. true story it is!
    Several concepts go into DHV story (among many others, but these are my favorites). Here they are:

    Your DHV story has to, indirectly; convey that you are a person of high value. (High value socially that is) Psychology behind high value people is very simple, their self confidence is strong thus they respect themselves more, and, most importantly, they respect their time. So if you’re high value guy, what it boils down to: your time is valuable; so in order for her to spend time with you she would have to earn it. Also, as a high value guy, your expectation from other people is higher. Your tolerance threshold for bullshit is short. You require people to deliver you value and you don’t take any crap. If Donald Trump asked you to wash his car for $5,000, he would expect it to be spotless; and if you told him to go fuck a chicken, he’d tell you that “You’re Fired!”.

    Your choices are multiple and your time is limited. Think about it this way: you have $400 (VALUE), you can spend it on new Digital Camera or you can buy a nice Leather coat. So let’s say you have attractive qualities woman like (VALUE), you can spend your time with Miss Ohio or you can spend your time with Playmate of the Month. It’s your choice, but your time is limited. Now, if Miss Ohio has little less value than Playmate, she’d have to qualify herself harder to get you. Again, what it really boils down to, that we have unlimited supply (girls) but limited resources (time and energy). Convey that in a story, you’ll make it half way.

    I wanted to touch on SEXUALITY here, because, it’s important to convey to a girl that you’re a sexual person. I can point out few good posts about this, but I do it so naturally, it’s hard for me to explain. Partially, you do it with kino. You also should feel confident if you’re talking about sex. Maybe, I’ll pick my own brain and write a post about it.

    Nobody wants to be around sick people. Fact! Nobody wants to be around fat boring people. Health, as it says in Magic Bullets, represents survival and replication ability. I am going to make it short: get in shape and stay active. As a man you should have NO EXCUSES! Even if you’re in a wheelchair, do exercises with your arms, do something! Go swimming, but stay in shape! Speaking of arms, my buddy has one arm, yet he managed to run a fucking triathlon. Don’t ask how he did it, with enough dedication, everything is possible. Women want healthy strong men.


    This one is my favorite because, I shine in this. But this is not your nerdy side, not really. This is your ability to “know how to put food on your (family’s) table”. I wanted to separate this from S&R, because, I think this is more rational process (on her end) than biological. If she sees you’re healthy, she (subconsciously) is attracted to you. If she hears that you’re studying law or about to graduate and become a doctor, she will engage her conscious mind to help the whole leg spreading process.

    POSSESSIONS (should be 10% of your story)

    I am not going to touch on this too much, because this is very gold-digging topic. In essence certain things symbolize higher value and there is no way around it. If you wear Dolce & Gabbana shirt, it shows you have money. If you have nice car, or a house, it shows you are set. Will it help you get chicks? Yeah, not the kinds you want to date. These girls are really good by spotting a zero with fat-wallet: guys who compensate their lack of other values. Basically, don’t go out, buying material shit. If anything, A MAN should have: A CAR (not a junker), A HOUSE (invest), A PET (lol, dog), A NICE SUIT OR TWO (class) and FEW TRENDY SHIRTS (in the loop). But don’t go get lots of expensive toys so you can brag about them later.

    Oooohkay! How do we put all that shit together?

    Before we go any further, I want to share a monumental wisdom (that my very successful, rich and natural pua friend told me).


    Think about that for a second, before writing your story.

    Ok, this is practical portion of my post:
    Grab a pen, notepad, or your computer….

    In the middle of the page write down VALUES! And under it list all the values that you think are attractive to girls. Make sure they are social values. (In other words, don’t include items that should go into “Option and Choices”, “Health and Activity”, and “Wit” categories. We’ll cover that later) Do for each portion (described above)

    My example:


    -Have many friends
    -Know influential people
    -Go Interesting Places (travel)
    -Have close family
    -Have hobbies (some might fall under “activities”)
    -Have passions (for music, art, etc.)
    -Speak various languages (can be valuable and falls in “Wit” category)
    -Well dressed and groomed


    -Had many girlfriends in the past
    -Have many girl friends
    -Seeing more than one woman
    -Attractive to many girls you meet
    -Life filled with beautiful woman


    -Play sport
    -In shape (usually visual)
    -Fun stuff you do, skiing, waterskiing, volleyball (not really sports but entertainment)
    -Camping (girls love hear camping stories)
    -Foods you eat


    -Know many skills
    -Can fix your own car or house
    -Can figure out how technology works or at least have understanding
    -Have money earning potentials (going to college, being a manager, etc)
    -Have your own business (that’s a whole category on it’s own)
    -Read books
    -Learn new things.
    -…this list goes on and on

    POSETIONS: (don’t concentrate on this much)

    -Nice clothes

    Don’t steal this list, you lazy bastard, create your own list, with ITEMS THAT YOU DO. I gave you pretty generic list to give you an idea.

    Now with list you can do couple of things: crumple it up and throw it in trashcan, start over OR think of at least one or two stories that involve you demonstrating these qualities. (If you chose first option, but didn’t start over, why are you still reading?)

    If you didn’t do this exercise, I’ll put five-on-it, you’ll be posting tomorrow “hi, hi ..excuse me, can you .. like write me a DHV story or something?” and you know where your post is going to end up?..... YUP! You said it!

    Let’s talk about DHV SPIKES.

    I am going to give you a sentence and explain how it stimulates one of these areas (in a girls brain, of course). DHV Spiking is like tickling… it makes her attraction switches giggle a little, which is one step closer to switching them on and hitting some tuna.

    So the other day, I am working on my car ,and my friend Josh called me saying “hey, lets go camping this weekend” >>> DHV >>> working on my car, my friend, my friend invites me, go camping, (you touched on your SKILLS, SOCIAL VALUE, and ACTIVITIES)

    ….. check his out, last summer, my girlfriend Ashley and I took a road trip to Cedar Point; I am in the front, driving, Ashley next to me and Anna and Josh are in the back.. I think they were like making out haha >>>>> DHV >>>> you own a car, you have women in your life, you have friends, you have friends who are not losers and have women in their lives too, and you are fun (cedar point), oh and you’re leader (driving)
    (Again, SOCIAL VALUE, WITS, POSESSION (car), SEXUALITY (you’re comfortable with sex and sexual things) )

    So, the other day, I am getting a chicken salad at Subway and this woman in line is checking me out, right in front of her husband, poor guy sees it but doesn’t know how to handle it…. >>> DHV >>>> (I just totally made that sentence up on the spot) women check you out, you eat healthy, (SOCIAL VALUE, CHOICE in WOMEN, HEALTH)

    So we get to XYZ place, my friend is already waiting on me, skip the line and head straight to vip,…. >>>>>> DHV >>> (friend waiting, skip the line, vip, do I say more? If XYZ is a trendy place even better). (SOCIAL VALUE). You can’t stutter on this line. Delivery is important.

    (Actually re-reading these lines alone, might sound, they are pretty risky. These might come off as bragging, however, if you diluted your story with humor, fun facts and interesting events, these will go as smooth as your dick in her pussy, later that evening. You have to practice your delivery; again, I am going to repeat the cliché: it’s 10% of the message, but 90% of delivery (and body language).
    General rule of thumb: the more DHV boost you get from the story the harder it is to deliver it. Consider this, a little bit more advance sentence:

    (Imagine, you’re telling this to your “in circle” friend with same value as you) “Man, I love ABC place, I know few bartenders there, I can’t remember time I stood in line, it’s so freaking awesome, you have to check it out, half of drinks on Thursday, oh and if Jenny is working, we can get it hookedup on the house” …. Just imagine the monotonous no-big-deal-this-is-normal tone? Can you deliver it to a hot babe? When you’re telling her a story about what happened to your friend Jack at ABC place, can you describe it in “no-big-deal” voice? You have to emphasize indirect object. If you have social proof in the place, describe the place and WHY YOU LIKE IT, if you play Football in high school, describe how it MAKES YOU FEEL, if you have amazing job, don’t tell her how much money you make, TELL HER FUNNY STORIES FROM YOUR WORK PLACE, don’t even tell her where you work!

    Few key thoughts:

    - Talking about your possessions is bragging. Don’t ever fucking do it. You’re not the car you drive. You’re not your fucking khakis! ~ Fight Club

    - Talking about your previous girlfriend is arrogant, don’t talk about her, talk about what you did to her/with her, however, at the beginning this is going to tickle her jealous spot, later, it’s going to annoy her. (NEVER Compare her directly to your ex. Instead of saying “Ashley would suck my dick while I watch baseball and drink beer” say “Ashley loved me so much, she would take care of me when I was tired and wanted to just relax”. Yeah, you wouldn’t tell this to your buddy, but you’re not fucking your buddies, are you?

    - Talking about your smarts and wits is also bragging. Telling her that you helped your mate fixed his roof (and his goofy ass fell in the bushes and you had to take him to the hospital, is DHV. You look out for your friends; you have ‘survival’ skills, etc, or some crap along these lines.. ya dig?)

    - Talking about your health and activity can be a sense of pride. This is probably one area you can safely talk about yourself. Of course saying “You know, I can run a mile in 7 minutes”, is not a good way to DHV, but tell her that you just got membership to this awesome gym downtown and she should come check it out with you, is not bad. Also, don’t pull Ron Burgundy: “one thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand…hey Veronica, did you hear me counting? I did one thousand curls…” ….NO! Don’t do that. Don’t be Dwight Schrute (from the Office) either, “Did you get your tickets???? Tickets to the gun show!”. LAME!

    Talk about activities you want to do (or been doing for some time). Ask her if she has ever gone waterskiing. Tell her a story about it. Don’t lie about your Uncle’s private jet and yacht parked in Bay Area. If you, by chance, get serious, who’s yacht are you going to show her (and get your mind out of the gutter, thinking “oh I’ll show her my “yacht”..giggity!) lol

    ………..some final tips to help you write your DHV story:

    Write out your goals and ambitions.
    What are you doing RIGHT NOW to fulfill these goals?

    Write down all the fun trips you had (no, Dungeon and Dragon Convention shouldn’t be on the list; someone, remind me to tell a story how I got arrested at Marcon, it’s funny to dudes, not girls)

    Write down all the fun shit you did with your ex girlfriends? Don’t have an ex girlfriend? Write down all the fun shit you did with closest girl friends. Write down something to do with women! Geez!

    Write down all the sports you play (or played). Why do you play them? How does it make you feel?
    Even ultimate freesbie counts. The more competitive sport the more DHV you can get out of it. (She doesn’t need to know that you got your ass kicked when you wrestled in high school. Neither does she need to know it was only Junior Varsity team. Omit these unimportant details)

    Write down cool skills you have. AND NO, beating your friend in Halo 3 doesn’t count (BTW, how is it? Anyone got it yet?)
    Good skills are of handyman, repairman, martial arts, …ok I sound like Napoleon Dynamite here… but seriously, girls wet their panties when they see you fix something. When I was fixing my new apartment, my ex girlfriend always raped me in the middle of the floor, because, she was so turned on.

    Write down social values you have. (How are you valuable to your friends?)
    List people you know: Your cool friends, girl friends, bouncers, promoters, bar owners, club managers, etc. Also, It’s OK to tell their stories. You might be DHVing them, but you DHVing yourself, by default, because, you are friends with these people. Don’t have such friends? Read my post on building social proof part I. (yeah yeah, I am working on part II, I want it to be exceptionally good )

    My Favorite Part:

    Write down ten coolest facts you know! (check ) Example: An average person uses fifty seven sheets of toilet paper a day.
    How does this help with DHV? It’s a witty sprinkle in your story….and what I call a “Thread-WTF!?”
    So I am telling her story about camping. “blah blah blah..josh goes and gets his tent, and I am sitting tuning my guitar, ………hey, did you know that average person uses fifty seven sheets of toilet paper per DAY!? AMAZING isn’t it?....... so anyways, I am sitting there watching him setup the tent” … you can gauge how interested she is in your story. If she says “WTF?... why …how does this relate to your story” … just say, it doesn’t, and go on with your story. This means she cares and she caught onto the “Thread WTF!?” interrupt. If she didn’t even acknowledged what you said, she is not even paying attention to you. You’re BOOOORING! New thread! New Story! She is not into you, not enough attraction. Whatever. Rollback and start over with a better story. She might say, “ooohh kay whateva!”, that’s another bad sign. This one is even worse: don’t EVER BE THAT BORING!

    Another good fact: “It requires 63 feet of wire to make a Slinky toy”. Good one to throw in between ‘sexually implied stories” (in adults, perverted young adults, word “toy” usually has different meaning than it once had, when we were little)

    The “Thread-WTFs!?!” are like logical interrupts in story telling process. If she noticed it, she is following you, if she didn’t, she doesn’t even hear you.

    I like throwing these fact-bits, but you can throw something else in there; as long as there is a logical interrupt and listeners go “WtF?”…. Oh did I forgot to mention that you should pause after the “Thread WTF!?”, thus creating pregnant pause for her to realize, the flaw in story flow.


    Anyways, I am not going to tell you how to structure your story, but I will give you hint:

    If in first 10 seconds you don’t have her attention, forget it.
    How can you grab her attention?

    Start your story with:
    “the most amazing thing happened to me in Canada”
    “you couldn’t even guess what I learned in ABC place”
    “I AM NEVER drinking with Leroy again!!!! NEVER!.... you.. you don’t even want to know” << be careful with drinking stories. Make sure it’s about someone else being drunk and acting the fool, and you “helping them home”. (and NEVER, “HER TO BED!!!”)
    “tell me what you think of this, I think it’s pretty weird/strange”

    Another tip, don’t imply that your story is going to be funny. Because, that sets pressure on you and high expectation on your story, fuck, I tell some girls, I am about to tell them saddest story of their lives (am I being serious? I don’t know? She doesn’t know? Lol )… and I start throwing in punch lines or other funny bits… they try to hold their laugh but they can’t. Shit like this fucks with their heads. So adorable... They don’t know what to do with themselves.

    Another “Thread-WTF!?” is throwing her a small compliment to reward her laughter (or that she is paying attention), while otherwise, you would throw a neggits (a little neg) if she is zoning out:
    Compliments: (in mid sentence, like I described above, “you’re good listener”, “I like telling you this story”, etc. (try avoiding “your tits are hot!”..”WHAT?” “no, nothing, anyways….”…..awwwwkward!
    Neggits: “my eyes are over here...(pointing away from your boobs to your eyes),” or “have a mint (take one yourself too, otherwise, it’s rude)”

    Pauses, pauses and more pauses. Where?..... here!
    Learn how to develop a speaking tone. Tone will go well with pauses…. Your voice should escalate towards the most meaningful point of the sentence…. Then you pause…….for a minute and deliver punch-line. Pregnant pause to load up anticipation.

    Pause, where you think comma or semicolon should be. Pause longer where you would start a new paragraph (if you were to write your story). Throw “Thread-WTFs!?”’ on non essential portions of the story. You put them in sentences that add to the picture but have no significant contribution to the story.

    Be funny. Learn to be funny. Your DHV story won’t sound like bragging if your listeners rolling on their asses and hysterically laughing. Don’t laugh at your own jokes. In fact, when they are tearing up, look at them with straight face: “that’s not funny!” …Priceless! I am not a comic, but recommend “Comedy Writing Secrets” by Melvin Helitzer. It’s a very good book. It will, probably, ruin your funny bone for few months, because, you’d be analyzing every joke and why it was funny.

    I think I went really broad on these concepts. If you have some specific questions you would like to ask, do it.

    Wanna add something? Don’t do it, if you know what’s good for you,…. nah just kidding, put more ideas in this thread. Share it with others.

    Another thing: this is how I structure my stories. My friends love my stories and girls wet their panties over my stories. Your stories… I don’t know. You can follow this to the T and still creep girls out. Re-think your approach and what you’re telling them.

    Maybe you’ll read all this, and ask for past 40 minutes back, maybe you’ll take something out of this, I hope.
    Maybe you’ll use it and love it so much you’ll send me some money, but I doubt it.
    Best you can do is to give me props. I know this shit works for me, I field tested these ideas multiple times. You should too.

    Good luck,

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    This is the most complete post I've read on this subject here -- dynamite stuff.

    Other readers: Do NOT underestimate the importance of WRITING, as TrueStory advises. We learn about the subject we're writing about AS WE'RE WRITING. That's why so many success coaches insist that you write your goals down, and keep a journal.

    You're learning about yourself as you do it. Think about it. Follow the prescription in TrueStory's thread and you'll be learning more about yourself as you do it.

    Learn more about yourself through writing about yourself, and it will actually help you focus on the aspects of yourself that are the best of who you are, and the best of who you want to be.

    Also, to add to what was said above, if you are younger and feel like you don't yet have a lot of life experience to DHV, women will accept your goals and aspirations in lieu of a long track record.

    You don't have to reach for the stars and say you want to be a Hollywood film director. You and a million other jokers would be on the same track. But you do want to show that you have goals and plans for the future, which shows women that you have your caca together.

    Ya dig?

    Awesome job, TrueStory. You're telling the true story.
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