Forming an Team of Wingmen

While I was on music camp, I realised a successful player must have good wingmen. By this term "wingmen" I emphasise both genders. The last night of camp was a party and music was grooving. There was a really good male dancer, so I went right up to him and told him to teach me some steps. So he did, and one of the girls (2/10) comes up to me and says "guide me guide me". So I guided her and we danced a while.

She, was my second wingman. As you can see, I was comfortable dancing with someone 'ugly' and keep her laughing.

A third wingman (female 2.5/10), decides to dance with me and starts to "show" me some moves that she learnt. I cha-cha'ed along and we had our laughs. This is building 'social proof' and personality, however, I was very aware of "wingman 2" because she started to get jealous. She came up to me and pulls me back to dancing and says, "Pretend you really want me..."

I raised my brow, and she goes, "Hold me like you really really want my body." After this I spent the whole night trying to avoid her because she started to follow me around.

But, the good thing is after demonstrating social proof and building up wingmen, the hot girls started rolling in. All this time I'm dancing 30 minutes straight and there's a cute brunette girl (8/10) waiting for her friend (My wingman 3) to finish dancing so that she can have a go with me.

Later on that night, when we were playing fooseball, it was clear that all the good-looking girls wanted to hang around me, "I wanna go on your team! You always score goals!", because I was fun, and have an army of wingmen that they may have consciously or unconsciouly noticed.

In summary, in a location where there's many people, the sole aim is to familiarise the place by meeting everyone that you come across. Say "hello" to the next face that appears, no matter good or bad looking, you might possibly be surprised to know, that 'ugly' person you deem might be a "carrier jet" with a cargo load of shiny looking F-18's.