Need ideas on how to turn on a girl when 1on1

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    Need ideas on how to turn on a girl when 1on1

    My biggest sticking point of the game is turning on a girl when we are talking 1on1. I can definitely talk to her for a while, but it all comes out as fluff talk. I can't seem to find the lines to say to her to make her think i'm interested. When I do show some interest, they seem to just lose interest completely.

    I have no problem talking to girls as I have many close female friends. I just need to find a way to show them im interested, without giving TOO much attention. Throw some ideas at me boys.

    Also when your alone in a room with a girl, what are some ways to turn her on as well

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    your question is answered in almost every seduction book out there, from TMM to magic bullets to david d's double your dating, read them.


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