Future Ruminates on Comfort

I've figured out the real meaning of comfort.

Mystery mistakenly called this babysitting; this is an error. It's also not completely far-fetched for him. Mystery's personality is a shell, so it stands to reason that he wouldn't be capable of actually generating legitimate emotional intimacy with a woman on the road to sex. It's not a gross miscalculation for certain types of girls, either. Leading is the most important aspect of the game, leading conversations, leading interactions, leading her physically. If you push that point enough and give little enough room to speak, yes, comfort building can fold over and become babysitting. Typically, this is accomplished by treating the goal of comfort as the the minimization of discomfort. My experiences have seen a handful of far superior permutations.

First, there's sexual comfort. It bears first mention since it seems to be the most immediately useful sort of comfort. Push for more, initiate a girl's ardor, give her The Look-- and other sexual IOIs-- and if your presentation is congruent and your sexual front unflinching, it gives substantially more leeway in all other departments since sexual compliance suborns nearly every other sort of comfort.

Next is true rapport. When all the IOIs and DHVs disappear. If enough commonalities are exchanged and your life story has provided enough compulsion that your very words and the very act of communication is a DHV and IOI in and of itself, that's real comfort. That's the apex for all human relations, I think: mutual respect, I think it's called. It's a deeply challenging state for male-female or male-male or female-female relationships because most of the time we are all seeking to understand or improve the rate of exchange on our personal power levels. Nevertheless, consistently, the real state of comfort comes when you can just open your mouth and be confident that you won't repel the other person, simply because you are, yourself, a DHV.