HB8 Co-Intern interested... need help!!!

There's a co-Intern (HB8) that I only see on Tuesdays and Thursdays in meetings. One tuesday I came dressed to kill and alpha body language. Heading to the meeting the co-Intern caught up to me and started conversing like she's never done before. I kept cool and gave opposing answers to anything she said like:

HB: I love Chipotle Mexican Food..
Me: Uh.. you've got bad taste... I prefer Baja Fresh..

She then starts walking closer to me and becoming touchy and looking at me through her eye lashes. Then out of no where asked me for a pitty hug because she hadn't got her job yet (I've never touched this girl before now). I knew then she was throwing IOIs big time.

Next day, I ask her to lunch in email and got no repsonse. Then after lunch she said she had a meeting and hoped I had fun. I sent her another email with hiring questions and she asked should we meet in person or over the phone. I said phone. We talked strictly about us being hired. However, after finding out what they were offering, she became impressed by me.

The next Meeting, she waits for me to walk back with her... I was dressed to kill again and out of no where she says "Oh my gosh... I have to say this... you look like you work at target... your colors." Was this her version of a neg?????

Anyways, we walk back talking and she's touchy again. I throw on the shades and let her run her mouth while I acted disinterested and gave a few opposing answers.

Then thursday, when I enter the room looking casket clean... she quickly taps my shoulder and sneaks out ( I knew it was her). Then as I grabbed food and passed her table I teased and she offered a spot next to her.

I kept the table laughing, asked great questions of the speaker and she had this thread on her shoulder... so I took it off of her like it was nothing. She teased about me always asking questions.

After that she kept playing with her hair listening to the speaker and checking her clothes. When the meeting concluded she got her stuff with her office mate and just left.

About her: she's a rich girl, assertive, opinionated and hard to read. I WANT THIS GIRL!!!!!

Am I in with her????? Did I embarass her by fixing her clothes??? What's the next step????? How do I get her out???

Help Appreciated,