Reaching your goals

People join this community for a lot of different reasons and regardless if your reason is a painful break-up, to get more high quality women into your life or a simply a desire to lay more girls, you should have a goal and purpose with this journey. Some people have a hard time explaining their goalsÖ they arenít really sure why they are doing this or at least they canít verbalize it. Some on the other hand have it all figured out and blatantly state: ďIím going to be the best PUA ever!Ē While itís certainly something positive to have your mind set on a goal, itís just not achievable unless you have a structured way to get there. When I ask these people how they will get there most of them have no clue. Needless to say - having no goals at all is even worse.

Itís important to have long term goals like the one above, but itís equally important to have short term goals that are achievable in a near future. Not only will this help you get better quicker, it will also give you a confidence boost when you are able to see how much progress youíve made over a set amount of time. Above that it also helps you figure out what your sticking points are and how you are going to get rid of them.

If you are just starting out and havenít taken a boot camp or 1 on 1 then that should be one of your primary goals. Thereís just no way you can get as good as you want to be in the same amount of time without taking one, period. All of the Mystery Method instructors have been students and can vouch for this opinion. If you donít want to take a boot camp thatís fine, but now you are on a long and winding road without any tools, maps or instructions on how to reach your goals. I for one didnít want to be in that spot.

Next you are going to write down all your goals that you want to achieve with pick up. Start off with the long term and work your way down until you have written down what you can do TODAY to help you achieve the long term goals youíve set up for yourself. This list could look something like:

ē Long term
- Have great cold approach game
- Have a big social circle
- Develop a stronger identity

ē Goals for this month
- Open at least 120 sets
- Stay in set even though I run out of material or things to say
- Better posture and smile more while clubbing

ē Goals for this week
- Open at least 30 sets
- Put extra emphasis on opening correctly
- Go out clubbing Wednesday, Friday and Saturday
- Practice day game Tuesday and Thursday

ē Goals for today
- Read about transitioning in Magic Bullets
- Open a set on the tube

Now you are on the road to your long term goals.
ďIf you aim at nothing, you are going to hit nothingĒ.