How to get girlfriends to meet a group of guys?

I recently have been working on meeting some connected males and making friends with them. I met a great guy at the gym is a teacher who knows a lot of hot teachers. I also met a cool health club manager and the same thing he knows a lot of girls at the gym. I won them over by helping them with their relationships. Telling them how to get their girlfriends to chase after them. Almost breaking up with them and hanging out with me. I know it may backfire but I am helping them with picking up women and building their confidence.

So, I got an email address of a HB and tried to casually invite her and her friends to have a casual drink with us. I used cocky funny in the email. No response. I kind of figured I didn't build up enough attraction when I met her.

My teacher friend has tried twice to get two of his single teacher friends to come out with us to no avail. The gym manager is about to try the same thing?

Is their any advice on how to get multiple single women to have a casual meet-up at a bar/restaurant? I can't understand why this doesn't work.