Overrated/Underrated Game (Activity)

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    Overrated/Underrated Game (Activity)

    This game is really simple but it works wonders. It's called the overrated/underrated game. Not only is this game perfect for those times when the conversation stalls, it is also just as good as the "question game" in my opinion. So use it as a time filler and to build the relationship.

    All you have to do is say anything you want, like the name of a restaurant and then both of you say whether you think it's overrated, underrated, or correctly rated. You can take turns if you want. You can seriously take this anywhere you want! You can even bring stuff up that you can tell cool stories about and DHV, or topics where you can bust on her, or topics you can qualify her on, or even sexual topics-- as long as you know how to calibrate.

    Here's an example of the game being played:
    You: We are going to play the underrated/overrated game. Here's how it works-- we say anything we want and then both judge whether we think it's rated correctly.
    HB: Ok.
    You: IHOP pancakes.
    You: So overrated.
    HB: Totally/No way! [It really doesn't matter ]
    You: Alright your turn.
    HB: Um s'mores.
    You: Underrated big time!
    HB: Yeah underrated.
    [At this point you can tell a story about a time you went camping or something. For example: you roasted the perfect s'more. One that was gold medal worthy. And your friends were bidding over it.]
    [Let the game continue with innocent topics then go a little more risqué]
    You can say things like "playing truth or dare," "make-outs under the influence," "whipped cream," "streaking," just see how far you can take it and mix up the topics-- it doesn't have to be a linear escalation.

    The best thing about this game is that you might say just one thing and then BAM, you've segued off into a conversation along that topic. And if that conversation starts to go stale, just say something else like you're still playing the game. You can even use this as part of phone game.

    I discovered this gem while I was driving home from the beach with a girl and we were stuck in traffic. It took over an hour to get home but the time FLEW by with just this ONE game. We were laughing, giving each other naughty looks, it was great!

  2. Nothing spectacular, but it might be quite nice...
    Of course you have to bring up related stories, otherwise it becomes boring very soon without any comfort build up.


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