guy in her social circle tells her to take off her clothes... what to do?

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  1. guy in her social circle tells her to take off her clothes... what to do?

    not sure if this is where this goes but it has to do with HER social circle so...

    alright so heres what happened. I was with my GF and her group (which I'm not very much a part of and don't fit in, which makes things somewhat awkward) at a drive-in and one of her male friends comes by (supposedly a real stand up guy who goes to church alot) and says "you feel like gettin' naked? i feel like seein somethin' naked, wanna take off your clothes?" i was pretty shocked. we were both thinkin what the hell. she studdured something about umm sure and i just looked at him till he left.

    what do you say when this happens??? im sure i looked pretty afc by not saying anything at all. even though you could tell by the look on my face i wasnt happy with what just happened. and is there anything i should do now or just forget about it?

    p.s. this probably isnt relative to the situation but my GF's friends started some rumours that my GF and this guy hooked up at the beach last year and have had a thing for a long time. they act like brother and sister and she says hes "like a brother". she denies anything between them except that. but after he flat out asked her that i'm wondering if they got more goin' on and if he even knows that I'm her BF...

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    He totally amogged you. She kind of complied too. "Umm, sure",

    Do a search.

    Usually if there are guy friends, those are the ones you have to diffuse first. They tend to be orbiters that get jealous when they see the girl that they've always wanted to fuck with a dude who is already fucking her.

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    Reverse it on him. Say "You take off your clothes first stud" and if he complies, make a joke about how some guys will do anything you tell them.

  4. farmboy and avenger had some good points
    hes jealous and he wanted to see if he could steal your frame
    and he tried to make you jealous

    farmboys line woulda been good


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