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  1. Let me tell you a bit about myself. I was raised as a devout Catholic. I attended 15 years of Catholic school, 10 years run by nuns and 5 years run by priests. These last 5 years were at an all boys school, and indeed my first real interaction with a female came when I was 16 years of age. You could have brought before me the fattest pig on the face of this earth, and I would have been visibly shaking at the prospect of speaking to “it”. I remember a time when my parents had guests over at our home, and they had two beautiful daughters who went into the bathroom to get changed into their bikinis, and I did not so much as peer through the keyhole for fear that my eyes would burst into flame and I would writhe in agonizing Hellfire for all eternity. I remained a pathetic excuse for a “man” until I was 18, when I distanced myself from the Catholic mindset of “women are evil and sex is a sin”, made some new friends and bought the first edition of Magic Bullets.

    I won’t say the transformation occurred overnight, but just a few weeks after I started reading this book I noticed drastic changes in my thought patterns, and this of course affected my behavior, both around women and in general. The book is not merely a pick-up or routine manual; it is incredibly well thought-out, with the second chapter designed to allow a man to read for 15 minutes before hitting the town and getting immediate results. The following chapters are chronologically structured according to the “Love Systems Triad Model”, allowing you to know exactly where you stand and what you should do next. No longer will you be stuck wondering about the next step or pondering how to proceed, the book holds your hand throughout the entire process. I went from being a shy virgin with the confidence of an elephant on ice skates to a guy who is comfortable in his own skin, talking and succeeding with 8s and 9s. While the book is a masterpiece, don’t think you’re going to snap your fingers and transform, you need to go out there and test yourself. Practice makes perfect. It may take a few weeks or months, but you will reap the rewards.

    I’m turning 24 in a few months, and have acquired the second edition of Savoy’s incredible contribution to mankind (free of charge, as purchasers of the first edition received the second by email). The second edition improves on the original, although I did not think it was possible. Since I’ve managed to improve the quality and quantity of females I interact with, I’ve also noticed a dramatic improvement in other areas of my life. I’m calmer, more relaxed and satisfied, and this translates into my work.

    I can’t stress this enough without sounding like a salesman on commission, so I’ll limit myself to this: get your hands on this book. It costs as much as a couple packs of smokes, and if you’d rather light a fag than make love to a beautiful woman then you should seek psychiatric care.

  2. Magic bullet is not only a book to get good with women, you can apply the same rules in getting better with anyone in general.

    Being a social person I never had problem with getting on with women and people in general.
    Things started to change When I started university started meeting new people from different backgrounds, started going to clubs and bars etc.
    The girls always used to flirt with me and all but when I started to get a little physical, they acted in a strong repulsive way, whereas guys who were jerks were having a make out marathon with them leaving me frustrated every night. I started internet search of how to talk to women and came across several videos telling me same tom dick and harry shit of how to talk with women. While searching i came across Cajuns video from keys to vip. I was blown away by the man's confidence and started searching him. Saw a few of his videos and articles but couldnt figure out where to start. I then came across THE GAME like everyone else and learnt the basics of pickup. Then I bought the Magic Bullet which changed my way of thinking totally regarding human interaction. I started to apply what was taught in the book and eventually got better.

    After leaving university I didnt had much time to go to bars and clubs t pickup women so I came across Day Game. Bought the book and a bunch of audios ( I have like 50 of them now with me). This book blew me away again regarding how easy it is to pickup women that fits in my regular life. Nick Hoss, awesome instructor. I travel alot to different countries for work and Day game is the best way to pickup women irrespective of language and back ground.

    For continuous improvement, I joined Saturday Sarge ( a free community for guys to practice pickup and find wingman) in London (my home town). Mostly guys there have no clue of what to do and where to start as there is too much information from too many people making it extremely confusing. They reminded of me a few years ago. Although I dont claim to be extremely amazing with women but once I am in good practice I do very well which was noticed by guys who sarged with me. I directed them to Lovesystems community, alot of the bought Magic Bullet and many attended bootcamps/ mini boot camps. I meet some of these guys at the mini bootcamps of Labyrinth and Vox and was impressed to see their improvement.

    Lovesystems and Magic Bullet gave me step one towards dealing and understanding with people. I have researched into this topic and started reading more and more. I am applying it in business context now as well with different clients and getting great results.

    Thumbs up Savoy and Love System!!!

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    Magic bullets explains female psychology and how attraction works in a way that's far superior to any other book out there. In fact, I will go so fars as to say that it's not better. It's Unique. You learn how to catch a fish instead of getting served some food. No other book offers the same. Heck, it learned me more than I got from watching several 10-20 hour long DVDsets from lovesystems youtube-spewing competitor (Or to put it in another way, after reading magic bullets I was able to decifer what material that was legit and what was bullshit)

    Magic Bullets is the only thing you need to get started with game. 'nuff said

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    This book, Magic Bullet should be taught in schools and colleges, universities. It has totally changed my life in relationships, dating, business and even in my passion.

    If you want to understand the psychology of women and not the mainstream bs, that has held men and women back. If you want to know how to solve your problems in dating, from approaching, dating, seduction. If you want to know how to win in your life because sex is the basic, most natural thing EVER and yet, so many cannot get to this stage. If you wan to attract the attractive women you see and intimidated by.

    Then....Magic Bullet is a must.

    Yes, it is detailed but you can always do what I do. Solve one problem at a time. I started with understanding why things happened in past with women and even guys who were fking it up for me. The psychology of women. Then I started with the first step....approaching. The great thing about this book is each step is detailed. It explains why you do it, what to avoid, in a easier way for everyone to understand.

    I come from a very religious background. In our culture, men don't approach women but rather it is done by family, relatives, friends. So, when I was a kid, I didn't know of this dating thing. It would happen accidently, and even when it did, as I grew older, I missed so many opportunities and so many problems in logistics, cockblocking. that lost me the opportunities to get laid. Also, since my dad wasn't around, well, I became for a while like this fked up guy, feminine type, scared, nervous, no balls, and had lots of approach anxiety.

    The difference with me, out of all I knew, is I'm vocal about my passion for women, sex. So I was first in family trying to date girls. I'm first out of relatives to bring girlfriends to parents house and try and fk them upstairs which never turned out right.

    However, much of what I did was pretence. I really didn't know what I was doing and of course, it lead nowhere when I got the girls isolated. I also found myself in relationsips I should have avoided like the plague. Women looking for providers, women with children, women single who were married before but lied and didn't say and realised later they had lots of baggage and bitterness towards men and life.

    But then I got this book Magic Bullet.

    I saw why it didn't work for me in past. I saw the games being played. I saw why I was like the way I was but most important....I saw the steps to take to change, be a man, a masculine man, an attractive man, and a man of experience with women.

    Today, my life changed with women, the dynamic of existing relationship I have has changed to tripple plus, i.e. I can fk my girlfriend and other women, as I please - and together with her too. This was done by Magic Bullet but also other products of love system like Relationship Management DVD.

    I'm a man, masculine, aggresive in my approach, clumsy but that's ok. I don't try to be smooth or I'll never take action.

    I'm also moving fast in my life and what seemed impossible, like jobs, opportunities are becoming possible due to social circle knowledge from this book and other products of love system.

    I am not there yet but one thing has changed. I'm getting laid. Opportunities for work is opening up because I'm building a large social circle of the right people.

    I warn you, this book will challenge you to take action and it will haunt you if you don't because when you have it - there is no excuse.

  5. Seems good. Who is the author

  6. I'll have to check it out

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