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    Any other PUA's out there into wine? There was once a discussion on it, but it seemed to my Blanc de Noir last week.

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    wine is oen thign i would love to know more about
    ill be checking this thread on the regular

  3. yeah me. or wineclub down in the Irvine area..Sometimes Whole foods market.

    I cook a lot of seafood so i'm into a lot of white wines to pair.

    I've had the 500$ 98 and 99 pointers b/c my brother bought them, but at the time I could not appreciate them.. what a waste!!!!!!!!!

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    There's a ton of books on the topic. Online is a good source. I think that it takes a long time to know quality, the vintages, what is special about port wines, getting away from the sweet lights and acquiring a taste for reds, differences in the processes of how they make wine, and where they're stored affects its flavor in a big way. I'm still learning and have a long way to go. There's wine tasting going on in a lot of different places (sometimes wine tasting at the place is more atmosphere than quality of the product), and wineries are in a lot of places now. Ask a lot of questions at the tastings. All wineries have mailing lists for their specials and events going on. It can be an inexpensive hobby but can also go into the millions for those with cellars.

    See if there's a wine taste going on in the area.

    Celebrities put their names to wine product. Lead singer from Tool owns a vineyard in Sedona AZ (Merkin Vineyards) but he puts them out in very limited runs. Francis Ford Coppola has good wine and in Napa has a winery that is also part memorabilia museum. 25 bucks for admission though, just a heads up.

    If you do go, make sure you are prepared to spill and have something to remove the stain with. They should have something.

    Running game at wineries and tastings could also factor in to this topic. The servers are usually cute. Barely 21 HBs I think would be impressed with going there because it's got a romantic vibe already, if you sound like you know your stuff it's impressive to someone who was drinking Boone's. When the weather is nicer, there is usually live music going on. Make sure you're pacing yourself. Napa/Sonoma you can wind up being faded big time, there's so many places to go. But the wine limos you run in to drunken AMOGs a lot, but it's a way more subdued atmosphere so blowing him out of the water should be easier.

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    I was interested too. Its a big dark area and you need a little guidance just to sort out and come up with a plan. I went to the bookstore and checked into the books one really good one is Kevin Zraly's "Windows on the World Complete Wine Course" Its written in almost a textbook fashion. I learned alot, how to read a label, they're different from different countries. The different types of wines. American wine are named by the grape. European wine is named after the region.
    Its easy really. I've come to realize that I'll never be a sommelier. I have the knowledge to know that I can buy a cheap er...inexpensive wine and there is nothing wrong with that. (I'm not talking Boones or Rossi either, I mean Sutter Home, Yellow Tail, etc.) Some wine is cheaper than other 'cause they make more of it not because it's less qwality.

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    Another thing worthy to note. Red wine should not be room temperature and white wine should not be refrigerator temperature. I got this from
    Its a general rule and could fluctuate based on varieitals.
    A general rule of thumb:
    Red wine, 65 degrees (F).
    White & rose wine, 55 degrees (F).
    Champagne & other bubbly, 45 degrees (F).

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    I work at a winery. Girls like it when someone knows about wine. I think it conveys a classy and sophisticated style.


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    Quikness- good points. Invest in a wine fridge, they're not that big.
    echos - Yes but people need to stay within what they know if there are experts around. To know more than most in the room will be a benefit when HBs are buzzed and can't tell the difference between what they're drinking.

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    Yup. I got a wine fridge. Very nice Danby with two setting top for Reds, Bottom for whites. It holds about 30 bottles. Black with glass door. Got the last one off the showroom floor for the low-low price of $300.

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    Room Temperature IS about 65 degrees, and a Refrigerator sits at about 50.
    Red= Room Temp.
    White= Fridge. This is not exact, but it's as close as the average person is going to get.

    I enjoy the lighter Reds such as Pinot Noir and some Red Zins. When with a girl, I like to share a sweeter white such as Reisling or Gerwurtztraminer. I am no expert but everything I learn enhances my appreciation, I recommend everyone invest a little in a wine book.

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