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    There is this article I read about wine that was really intriguing. If I find it i'll post it here

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    Found it !! The article is called Wine for beginners and I think it essentially lays out all you need to know about wine to impress the opposite sex. Just make sure the person your trying to impress isn't a devout member of AA, spoken from experience.

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    I think they have wine "scorecards" or cheat sheets which cover different types of wines, glassware, vintages. There's probably 10-15 types that a restaurant will carry, fewer than that at places that have happy hour, then it's a matter of what you prefer. To me it's kind of like coffee, when you first drink coffee, you want it sweet, but over time you acquire a taste for straight black coffee. With wine, people usually start with sweet, and work their way into the dry, but most people change over time and the weather can also influence what you're drinking.

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    Yup. I got a wine fridge.

  5. 1. Local liquer stores sometimes carry a wine spectator free publication. Also check the sales sticker as they may incidate the rating on the shelf. These ratings give you an idea on the quality of the wine according to the industry standard.
    2. Sometimes the best wines are under $20. I like semi-sweet cheap wines from south american, spain, and africa that are not popular (aka cheap) and sangria.
    3. Definately go to a winery and try a wine flight tasting (not chugging) to understand the flavors, purpose, and your palet preference. I was out in AZ and the flight cost was $5. Most places around the US probably charge $15-20. Either way a good source of information.
    4. Understand pairings (what goes with what). Sometimes back of the bottle has information but can easily be found on the internet.
    5. If you keep wine at home, research storage as some wines dont have a long shelf life.

    Wine is a culture thing and not always an uppity class thing but is a good man knowledge skill to have. If you go to italy, spain, france it is traditional to have wine with dinner or even lunch. Wine is also used in cooking (e.g. reduction sauces). As a 2nd time bachelor, I have wine/champagne bottles of various types at home typically for guests and may use occasionally for cooking (italian, steak, tapas). When out drinking my go to drink is always beer (belgian ale) as I tend to have a bad hangover from wine. Charity events (mamosa champagne/oj), brunches (mamosa), steak dinner (cabernet). Sometimes I get the girly question on if I like wine and I just tell them my preferences. So yes, I would be the guy in the 3 piece suit drinking PBR when everone else is drinking wine.


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    Only white one!

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