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  1. Red Dragon,

    If you want to learn to dance, then that's great!
    BUT ONLY IF... you are passionate about dancing.

    Women are attracted to passion, and if your vibe is, "Hey - I really love to dance! Come and dance with me." That's a winner.
    But if your vibe is, "Hey. Look at me! I can dance. Do you like me now?!?!?!?" That's terrible.

    I say go and take a couple of dance lessons, see if you enjoy it. Maybe you'll get a new hobby.

    Otherwise, you can find women near the bar, in the smoking area, or on the stairs.

    Once, I saw a great dancer "making shapes" on the dance floor - everybody clapped and cheered - but he didn't get any women.
    He just looked try hard. Ultimately, it was the guys standing around watching him and pointing who took the girls.

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    I'm going to discuss the dance category that I'm familiar with which is partner dances. You have to be able to lead an arbitrary girl a few moves. The skill of leading ladies in the dance is same across all styles. A good Salsa school will teach you good enough the key concepts. Another good thing about Salsa is that it's really popular and ubiquitous all over Amearicas.

    If you want to be able to take a girl who may not know anything about dance at a club by the hand and have fun bouncing around with her, I would recommend Hustle. It's what people used to dance to Disco music. The dance works well with any club music. The basic is just marching on the beat. It's trivial to learn a few moves. Most importantly, the girl doesn't have to know anything about dance to follow your lead. It's danced in open position, which is appropriate for even most prude girls at clubs. The down side is that it's kind of esoteric. You'll have to go to a ballroom school to learn it.

    If you go to places where it's ok to get close with girls, Zouk or Bachatta are something to look into. These dances can be all about crutch on crutch booty shaking and grinding. If you can make a girl feel good dancing that with you, well, let's just say keno is already taken care of.

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    It's definitely possible to learn how to dance without stepping into a dance studio.Things need to keep in mind when ever doing practices try moving your arms. When you think you can feel the beat, relax your arms and try moving them around in time to the music. Some ideas: You can swing your arms naturally with your feet, bending slightly at your elbows.

  4. Outside of the club scene, if you ever in your lifetime might attend charity events/galas/balls, travel, or even corporate parties look into formal ballroom dancing (to include salsa, meringue, bachata, waltz, etc.) and even line dancing/2 step (country western music).


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    I think,first of all you have to feel comfortble when you're dancing.
    Dance like nobody see you,the main rule!

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