Stuck in a Jam

Evening boys,

Here's the situation.
- Met a girl over summer (21 year old pretty blonde) she had a boyfriend of 5 years at the time
- They broke up, we started talking and hanging out casually (Flirty, touchy but not sexual yet)
- She comes back in to town for the night, we hangout and eventually hookup later in the night
- We keep in light contact every few weeks (commenting on instagram stories and texting.) Things are always playful and flirty, and she was clearly very "in to it"

Lately I've been feeling like there is a bit of change in interactions. She's been kind of a challenge if you get what I mean. The most recent text interaction we has been bugging me and I wanted to see what y'all make of it:

Me: I have next Friday off and was thinking we could get dinner at X place.
Her: Aw that's sweet of you to think of me on your day off haha, but unfortunately I'll be out of town in the desert with my friends
Me: No sweat, we can go another time lil lady

Side note: the last time we texted before this time, I mentioned maybe getting dinner at this place to which she responded "yes!!"

Here's what I'm trippin about
- The way i read the text, the "haha" after the first line seemed weird bc I was being genuine
- That she didn't respond with an option to go another time
- Or acknowledge my last message with a "sounds good" or whatever after I said we can try another time. She just didn't respond

So where do I go from here? I was planning on non-contact for a bit. (She said she missed me and would think about me a lot when I did NC for about 2-3 weeks earlier on). Give me some insight in to where her thoughts could be at and how i move this forward.

Looking forward to the responses