New Here -old story

Maybe not so old to some.

Over the summer I was at the beach with my kids, my sister and niece. Id met a girl there, maybe a 7. She had daughters and was with her family. She was always the same place as me. Finally she asked me my FB name and hit me up telling me she thought I was nice looking and if I wasnt with my family shed ask me out on a date. This rarely happens, usually Im the one gaming.

So I ignore her for a few days and message her back. Come to find out were only a few hours distance from each other. She asked about my family situation. She thought my sister was my wife. I told her I was separating but still living in same house only separate rooms. We texted / sexted quite a bit for a few weeks.

We finally met. Her flag was flying so she went down on me. We hit it off for weeks after that. Not great sex, but satisfying.

Suddenly she keeps telling me shes falling for me hard. I blow it off. I had no intentions of anything LTR here. But would play for a while.

So we come to the topic of divorce. She wants me to herself and has suddenly taken a moral high ground that Im married. So a few more weeks progress and I tell her Im getting a divorce (true) and things suddenly change.

Now she was very stand offish. We sexted a few times and then communication was every few days. We met this past Saturday and she was all over me telling me she was head over heels again.

Yesterday she gives me a text saying she has to let me go. Im a great guy and I deserve better etc etc. its not me its her etc etc.

Im trying to dissect where I went wrong. I liked her some. But looking for an after action report from someone else.

Im suspecting I may have been too nice. Like I said, I was digging this chick. Or she found someone closer that can satisfy her regularly.