Am I back ? Bay area. SF !!!

Hello I was in the community back when I was 18-19 range. I met a lot awesome guys from the community IN SF, SJ. ( BEN DOVER aka Tommy where you at ? Issac?? Carlos) . It took me less than 2 years to master the game. Then I walked away I started to pursue my own game in LA. I had lots adventures, stories etc.... I lived a life where the avg guys dreamed of to be....... damn.. My number is at 100's, I lost the edge compared to where I was but I am still better than most. LMAO is that cocky? nope just keepin it real!!!

It seems like so long ago. shit happened. Life happened. I got off shape, worked a lot. I look at myself in the mirror and ask myself wtf happend man ???

Anyways I am looking to get my edge back. Bounce back to where I let off.