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    Oral sex

    Are all women that much into oral sex ? Giving & receiving ?

    Iíve never participated in either, never was asked to perform it nor was it ever offered until recently, she found it odd that Iíd never participated.

    I guess my views are different than most, if I like her and see a future with her, I donít want my private parts in her mouth...
    I also donít wanna put my mouth on her where I know others have been .

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    If you don't like oral sex at all, it's gonna limit you quite a lot. But you just have to find someone who is not into that either I guess.

    The thing is though. Oral sex is extremely pleasurable. There is pretty much no women in the world who doesn't enjoy the feeling of having their pussy licked. If they say they don't, it's almost always because they have some sort of sexual inhibitions. So odds are, if you only look for women who doesn't like oral sex in any way, you'll most likely get a very boring sex life in every way.

    Oh well

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