Methods, systems, or programs for online dating conversation


I have been searching on the internet to find a pua method, system, or program I can learn to specifically message women online from dating sites, then how best to reply to their messages using some kind of pua approaches & techniques till I finally get the number and meet up with them for the first date. I am reading the Mystery Method right now and am learning a lot. I have to stick with online dating to meet women because of my work schedule and I seem to be having trouble with messaging/conversating with women from the sites and even the same problem with the first date. I have identified that I need to specifically work on my pickup in the conversation stage with women online & in person. I have a solid profile professionally written & have killer pictures, so Iím getting messages based off of my opener, but I fail at the follow through.

Can anyone shed some advice on some pua that discuss & teach specifically to this conversation stage or communication stage that I need help with? Itís a bit different because I have chosen online dating to be where I pickup women, however when I get them to respond, even offline in person, I fail at the follow through. So I was wondering if there was any information out there that I can read that will guide me a bit better in this area.