22 yrs out of the game...WTF happened here? course of action now?

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    22 yrs out of the game...WTF happened here? course of action now?

    Met a very attractive super cool woman about 3 weeks ago. She was out with a couple of her sisters and 2-3 other female friends. One of the sisters chats me up, nice girl but not my type... we talk 10-15 minutes and she walks off to bathroom or wherever and I slide on over toward the woman I am interested in. This woman blew me away, I was on my game and she matched me.... tried to get me to beta down, she failed but she really tried. I loved her energy, edge, attitude... just awesome. after about 1-1/2-2 hours (some of which paying attn to her sisters and friends) they were getting ready to leave. I pulled my phone out and handed it to her, said "put your number in here so we can get together sometime" (I don't like to ask, I try to make it more of a suggestion) She types her number in and hits send to make sure I see her phone light up... positive sign imo.

    Following friday I text her, "Gonna be in X town tomorrow, let's meet for dinner" not much time passes, maybe 10 minutes, she replies "why r u going to X town? I can't grab dinner I am in Ft Lauderdale" I was a bit surprised as she didn't mention going anywhere the nite we met but whatever. She follows up with how she has a vacation home there and goes down every couple months. I mentioned that a friend of mine just bought a place near there and I was planning on visiting him in January, but maybe I would visit her instead cuz she is way cuter than my friend... she replies back with a clever joke, I LOL it a few more txts back and forth and I end it with " enjoy the sunshine, gimme a call when you are back here"

    All in all it seems positive so far.... a week later I text here, "what are you up to? still laying in the Florida sun?"

    No reply. Ghosted?

    I spoke to a female friend of mine who knows her and she said she had been silent on FB as well where as she was usually pretty active commenting on my friends posts and pics... gave me a bit of hope, maybe busy or not feeling well.

    Anyway, I haven't texted her since the no reply, considering curling her sister's toes to get her attn, but maybe not a good move until i confirm she has lost interest.

    Thoughts? Advice? fatal flaw?

    A side note, I am almost divorced and in no hurry for a relationship, I really planned to just pound some randoms until I wanted something more, didn't expect to meet such a woman on my first approach as a almost single guy. She is seriously the first woman I have ever met (that I am attracted to) where getting to know her was actually more important than getting her panties off.

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    nothing noteworthy happened here

    You talked very briefly to a woman, and then she moved on with her life. Happens all the time.

    As soon as you start approaching, conversing with, and escalating with dozens of women, this kind of pattern won't bother you a bit.

    consider yourself lucky that you didn't waste even more of your time pursuing this.

    ... where getting to know her was actually more important than getting her panties off.
    You seem to have the misconception that avoiding sex with a woman makes you more attractive to her.

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