Magic mushrooms and mindset change

This is going to be a weird post and most of you won't be able to relate but that's ok. This information could very well be only applicable to me, and it might be bad gaming advice in general but I feel like it's a pretty big improvement for me personally so I wanted to share it.

Let me preface by saying that magic mushrooms is not something I'd recommend for anybody but I've always dealt with heavy depression and I'm also most likely somewhere on the lower end of the autism/Asperger's spectrum. After trying various antidepressants I decided that they weren't helping and I don't wanna risk dulling my personality and winding up like a zombie so I turned to the mushrooms.

No only are they great for depression but I believe they could also help me with my game tremendously. After a very deep journey I think I had a revelation....I was nervous for days about this music festival coming up soon.all my friends want me to go and were talking about all the hot girls that were gonna be there and I honestly didn't wanna go.

I knew there was no logical reason a guy my age should skip a music festival when I have the money so I decided to eat some mush and ponder on it. While tripping I remembered something Eddie fews said about how anxiety comes from not knowing what to say or do, and was also thinking about other tidbits I've read, like seduction being 90% non verbal when it hit me.

I put way too much pressure on myself to constantly have smooth words coming out of my mouth while my friends who know nothing about pick up are 100x more successful and they never use any lines or techniques. All they do is stay cool and slowly escalate physically over the course of the night.

My looks are honestly ok, I'd give myself like a 7/10 facially but I'm muscular, have lots of tattoos and nice hair so I usually have no problems sparking attraction but after that I fall straight into the interview game, run out of things to talk about and never escalate physically. Establishing frame and learning kino are my two weakest spots so what I'm going to do is learn how to do those things and start shutting up more.

Again, this might be terrible advice for some of you but realizing that if I have nothing to say I don't have to say anything is a game changer for me. I feel much less anxious about flirting with my eyes/body language than I do about keeping the perfect conversation going. I'm not saying stand there saying nothing like a creep but this is where the common advice to "talk slowly" comes in to me. I probably wasn't giving them much of a chance to talk at all considering how flustered I would get and how fast I'd talk.

Lately I've been practicing saying less and holding a nice smile with good eye contact with random women in public and it's really powerful stuff! If there's any attraction at all between you the awkward silence can actually be a good thing that puts a spotlight on the fact that there is indeed some kind of spark.

There's this really hot friend of a friend who will be camping next to us at the festival, and I screwed up a golden opportunity to hook up with her a few weeks ago by not escalating and I'm hoping to make up for it. The mindset I'm walking in with is this : I know she's attracted to me and I know I'd be good for her so it's basically fate that we link up. She mentioned a "boy toy" in her own words to the group a few weeks ago And I could tell by how she looked at me that she wanted me to make a move but she didn't want to look like a slut. I'm gonna joke with her a little and maybe ask her how the boy toy thing is going but primarily I'm going to focus on body language and look for opportunities to escalate.Wish me luck! I'll let you know how it goes and hopefully some of this can be useful to someone else.