Unsure what to think of this girl

So theres this girl who I worked with for a year and we were really good friends, but she has a boyfriend. After she quit, I visited her new bar for a few weeks, but I realized I was getting too close or having feelings, (she also seemed to have some sort of feelings for me as well, but not sure), so I backed off and didnt visit her. One week later she says she missed me and wanted to get coffee. I agreed and set a time for 4pm at a specific place. 2 hours before she cancels with a weird excuse about her boyfriend. She says raincheck but no reschedule. I say I understand, hope hes ok, and then stop talking to her. 2 weeks go by, she says (my name)! Havent seen you in a while, how are you? After about an hour I say great! Mention I did standup the previous night, and ask her how she is and what she has going on this week. No response and that was 3 days ago. What is going on with this girl?