How To Handle This Busy Single Mom?

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    How To Handle This Busy Single Mom?

    Iím new here, and new to the whole PUA thing.

    Iím also a single parent who largely dates other single parents, so itís a unique twist on things, but the strategies still largely apply (I think).

    As background, Iím a late-bloomer attractive, adventurous dad of five, whose ex-wife was my second serious girlfriend, but since Iíve been divorced the last two years, Iíve slept with approaching 20 other women, and most recently used some pick-up strategies from books on tape to juggle two overlapping women (who are ďfun zoneĒ and wonít last) and attract the attention of a third, who I think has long-term potential.

    My goal is to find another wife and ride off into the sunset, but I donít intend to prudish along the way.

    With that said, my question is regarding the ďlong-term potentialĒ woman I have on the hook.

    I took her out already, ended the night kissing her neck, flirted via Messenger about kissing the rest of her body (at her prompting) and while she couldnít secure babysitting for a dockside BBQ kayaking adventure this weekend, she set things up for two weekends from now, and our last Messenger exchange is:

    Her: ...if you don't mind rescheduling.
    June 21 - 25th. There's a few of those days I've already made commitments but other than work, I'm free.

    Me: The stars might be aligned there! Iím kid-free over that weekend. Want to shoot for that Saturday (the 22nd)?

    Her: Yes! Nothing scheduled. What day does your kiddos go back to their mom's?

    Me: (explains schedule). Why?

    Her: Because we might be able to fit in several meet ups. 😉
    Depending on your availability.

    Me: Easy, Tiger. 😉
    I might be down. ☺️
    I have to jet for now, but letís talk later.

    So, from my read, sheís open to a potentially passionate weekend together, and Iíve tried not to seem eager and make myself scarce, but at the same time, I want to maintain the sexual energy that is floating in the air given our encounter and conversation.

    So my question is: how would some of you recommend I play the next two weeks?

    I donít want to message her constantly and make myself seem low-value and needy, but I also want to keep things sizzling and maximize my chances of ravishing her and growing closer when it comes time to be together.

    Whatís the play here?

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    I can't tell if you've made firm plans or not. If you haven't: do so.

    IMO it's impossible to "keep things sizzling" for 2 weeks straight via texting or whatever.

    Give her the gift of missing you. Keep a light touch. You can turn up the sizzle just before the ravish-fest is scheduled to commence.

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    Solid advice, GQ1.

    Thatís exactly how I played it and it worked like a charm! I sent a few sporadic messages, then built things up with more frequent flirting the day before and day of our start of the weekend together.

    I showed her my house before departing for our date to build comfort with the location, then invited her back to ďwatch a movieĒ I described on the date to end the night.

    That was the start of a weekend of axe throwing, kayaking to dockside barbecue, bouldering and, of course, lots of sex from shirt-on, shyly reluctant LMR first-time, to uninhibited, sometimes intoxicated, pussy eating, alarm cock (my dorky term for morning sex) and near constant make-out sessions throughout!

    It was honestly one of the best weekends of my life!

    Iím feeling fluttery and really falling for this one, and sheís currently totally into me, too.

    The tricky part is now I have my kids for all but a few days the next few weeks, so I figure I need to maximize my ďoff timeĒ with her, then maybe comfort-build with messages and phone calls to keep things going.

    Trying to maintain a passionate relationship as a single parent is hard! ��

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    awesome, it is great to hear that things went so well

    sounds like you already knew the theory and were able to implement it well. That bit about showing her your home was classic DD mint. I too use that bit whenever i can.

    if the sex was as good for her as for you, then you can bet she will be counting the minutes until you hook up again

  5. Just learn how to be an alpha male, bro. That's the #1 thing you need to do.

    Once you get the alpha male mindset in check, everything else will come naturally.

    That being said, here's what I'd do.

    Text her in a few days, asking if her schedule cleared up. Suggest a day/time that works for you, and be specific.

    Then, she will probably say it will work for her. If not, she will probably suggest another day.

    Land on a day, then bang her. Done and done!

    She sounds eager to meet up which is 99% of the battle, so you've basically already won, lol.

    Just stay on her and be consistent/persistent, without bugging her and coming across as needy.

    Hope this helps!

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