Why am i feeling like this?

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    Why am i feeling like this?

    I was dating this girl for about 6 months now but been official for 4 months. I've been stressing out so much because i don't know if I'm ready for a relationship. All i can say is she is someone i would marry if i was ready. I just can't be bothered with the whole relationship and I'm not trying. I don't want to break up with her because i feel i will regret it but i also know that I'm not trying as much as i should. I do however feel like we're not as close and i blame myself for this as i just don't feel like we can be. I was in a relationship for about a year before and we broke up and i was devastated since i had to break up with her because it wasn't healthy. Then i met this new girl a couple months later and to be honest i knew from then i wasn't ready because i said to myself i dont want a relationship for many years. However this girl has all the right qualities hence why i wanted to pursue it. Up until now i don't really think much has changed with me. Something just doesn't feel right. I'm just not bothered with the relationship. I feel like I'm depressed & unhappy with life and where i am hence why i ain't ready to be 100% in the relationship. What do i do? i just know if i was ready then this could have been something special. I don't know if i love her or not since i never did know. It's so confusing. She's a good girl. Why do i feel anxious and full of anxiety. I wish i could be more invested in the relationship and not stopping myself from being more close because i know she would be the one as she has the traits to build a future. I just feel like something isn't right and that I'm not in the relationship as much as i should be or trying harder and i don't know why I'm being this way. I'm so confused with it all and i wish i didn't feel this way and was ready without forcing myself to try harder and fall for her more. I feel like I'm holding myself back because i dont want to show too much and make plans and be more invested when i feel this way because it will be fake. What do i do.. will this feeling pass or do i need to break up to sort my life out until I'm ready? All i can say is I'm no way ready for marriage or having kids. I can't even say to myself one day i would like that because thats so far out of my head. Am i depressed? or am i not ready? she's such a good girl and i wish i could make it work but as i said something isn't allowing me like i can't be bothered. I just dont know what to do.

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    Totally serious and not an insult: consider therapy.

    You need to decide what you want before you can get it. That includes relationships.

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