It's not just a problem with a Tinder date, but it's a way thinking

I had a match with a girl on Tinder and I asked her what is she looking for.. at first, she said " casual " ( and I think it's another way to say.. well, let's meet and fuck and I will decide if there will be more one night stands or not) but then she countinued saying after I played dump and asked her what does she means exactly: " the oposite of serious, but to be honest I don't really know what I'm looking for".
And then I told her that I'm looking for something serious and she didn't make any comment on that, in fact, I said let's meet and she agreed saying " I was wondering when you were going to ask".
Fast forward, date day has come. We went out to a very romantic place out in the nature, it was a full night moon, we kissed for more than half an hour, and then we decided to go back to my place walking and holding hands. I think the sex was more than good, and I'm pretty positive that this is what she thinks too, because I did my best to pleasure her, specially that I liked her a lot, so I was giving her the priority. After sex she stayed in my bed more than 2 hours, talking, cuddling, and saying nice things to each other. And then she wanted to leave, I asked her to stay but she said that she has an appointment tomorrow early and she has to backup few things because she's going somewhere out of town for the weekend. She had to ask me if I want her number, because I totally forgot about it. We exchanged numbers and then I walked her to the door, kissed and hugged again. The next day I texted her asking about her appointment and how it went. Until now everything is normal. The day after, we texted too, we were talking about something and then she just disappeared, she replied though at a late time at night saying that she's sorry and that she was busy blah blah.. (here where I think maybe I fucked up) she asked me then if everything is alright, and here I sent a crying face saying no, I missed you. She didn't respond to that. Dead silence for 20 hours and then I texted her again saying: you didn't like what I said, right?
And after I don't know how many hours, she finally replied saying: " Hi, sorry that I'm replying now. I think we are not looking for the same thing. This is going in a different direction than I thought and it's too much. I don't know what to say..".
I texted her back saying that I'm sorry, and that I meant that I missed our time in bed. And I asked her if she can forget what I said and just move on and enjoy what we have now, because it was amazing the last time. So basically I was trying to tell her that I'm also okay with only sex and nothing more.
But non of that worked. She didn't reply. So I texted her again and asked her if she had decided from the beginning that this is going to be only sex and nothing more.
She replied: " No, I really liked you, but I just noticed that this going in another way as I thought and it's just too much for me to take. Yes, that text was one thing, but it's not the reason. I just noticed your way with me, your texts after our date.. and here I thought it's too much and I can't agree on that."
To be honest, I wasn't really able to understand what is she's saying, because she's not giving me straight forward answers.. she's just repeating the same shit. And it's not true that I texted her like she's saying. She asked me a qeststion and I had to answer in several texts and then she was gone until midnight and I didn't text between. And the day before was just 2 or 3 texts and that's it!
What was it guys? Did she only wanted sex and the moment she felt that I want more she called this thing off? And is she kind of ashamed to say that directly because she doesn't want to look like a bitch? Or did I really fucked up my chance with her because of that text message? Was it my fault? or the girl is just a bitch?
Well, we know one fact. She wanted to meet again, because she offered her phone number without me asking. And this is why I'm lost and confused. I mean I don't know... did I ruined my chance or there was never a chance from the first place and it was just sex? If it was just sex, why all these emotions after sex and why to stay that long in bed?
This is how I analyse things, and please correct me if I'm wrong.
I think she's lying, she didn't really liked me. Maybe she liked me enough to have sex with me but she didn't like me enough for more than that, and that's what she's ashamed of, that she just wanted sex. Me telling her that I missed her, should have never upset her, if she really liked me like she's saying. I mean, I would be happy and it would be a nice thing to hear, if someone I like tells me that (even after the first date) BUT if I didn't like that someone enough, I won't be happy that much to hear that. But at the same time, when I think about the time in bed, I talk to myself saying: it can't be that it was only sex and everything we said to each other was a lie. She gave me her number, which means that she wanted to see me again, but I was a little pushy and I rushed things.
I'm really surprised and shocked, I mean how could that time in bed be fake and just a lie? I know that a lot of you guys would consider the text about missing her a big mistake in general and a lot would say also that I shouldn't talk to someone I only met once like that, but these things can't be measure with time or the number of dates, that's my personal opinion. I said what I said based on how great and awesome the date was and I felt that she wouldn't be unhappy that much about it.
I think one date is enough to decide if you like this person(in general) and would like to continue getting to know them or not. One date is also enough to make your mind and decide if you like their physical appearance or not. But of course if you discovered with time things that it's a problem for you and you don't like about that person, yeah you can always change your mind and call things off. But never believe the lie of that you've been rushing things or you're being pushy and texting a lot. It's a lie and empty excuses because it's embarrassing to tell someone directly that you don't like them. Sadly, when they try to avoid embarrassment by not telling you that they don't like you directly, they basically put you in a vicious circle of possibilities and theories, which is sucks. The thing is that she gave me the green light when she offered her phone number, I thought that she's saying yes as a start, after she stayed 2 hours in my bed (or that's what I thought).
Do I need to reconsider my way of analysing things, or it's logical and correct?