Did this really happen?? What now?

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  1. Did this really happen?? What now?

    I'm absolutely not a regular visitor if strip clubs anywhere. Maybe once every two years. But went to Sapphire in Vegas yesterday and met a girl. Super friendly, bubbly, flirty, and sexual of course. We talked on the floor for maybe 10 minutes about where we're from and other normal conversation. Then we head back to the vip room for 30 minutes. We continued to talk A LOT back there, again about normal life things and she seemed to have had fun and laughed a lot with me. With that normal vibe, I was definitely more comfortable that I should have been!

    She initiated alot of the touching to let me know what was ok also. And I just went with it afterwards. She let me touch her everywhere, hold her ass, breasts, EVERYWHERE. She asked me to suck her nipples a bit, rub her vagina, she put my finger in her mouth, back to vagina... She asked if she could kiss me also. So we french kissed a few times. Again, normal girl vibe and of course I thought she was beautiful so I asked if I could lick her vagina. She let me. Had to quickly sneak it of course.

    I got her number, we exchanged a couple texts right there. We informally agree on lunch the next day.

    Anyway, does this really happen???? Do girls let this much happen?

    I know I know, probably not the safest smartest thing for me. I was just caught up. I paid for a 30 min session only, maybe gave her a $50 tip. We stayed for maybe 45 min.

    I texted this morning asking for lunch but no response yet and it's 2pm.

    What happened???

    I'm too inexperienced in the strip club scene.

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    Ask yourself: Are you so handsome and/or charming that it's common for good looking women to ask you to touch them sexually after only 30 minutes?

    If you are not THAT attractive, then it seems likely she was offering you great customer service for what you had purchased.

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