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    Week 7

    Not much to report here this week. My gym sessions have been a little lack lustre. Lately I feel like I'm not really being challenged and I'm just going through the motions. Last week I did a couple heavy deadlift reps and 125 kgs was WAY heavier than I remember. It's quite discouraging to see my overall strength decline through this program. Sure my arms look good, but whats the point if I have to sacrifice my strength and conditioning? I'm getting to the point where I'm ready to finish this program. I don't know if this is a good mindset to have or if this is normal phase in the "process". This type of fitness (bodybuilding) definately isn't for me and if it wasn't for PR and the rest of you guys, I would have probably ditched this program and pivoted to something else that's more congruent with my values in fitness. So glad we have less than 5 weeks less of this program and I relish in the idea of finishing.

    Marginally gained some weight last week. Almost touched 69 kgs this week, but then lost it the next day from, what I presume, a run that was more intense than it should have been. Started frying plantains in coconut oil, that's quite tasty. Highly recommend it. Interesting fact: I went to the grocery store 24 times in the month of May where my average is about 5 times and I spent double my monthly average on food. Which makes sense, but I was hoping my food consumption didn't scale so proportionally with the cost. Danial, my fitness mentor, gave me some encouraging words that meant a lot in this time of doubt. He suggested I try to introduce a high calorie shake into my diet to free up some time.

    - Was able to make time to hang out with friends twice this weekend.
    - Frying plantains. thats yums.
    - I appreciate my old fitness routine
    - Exposing my parents to healthier ways to eat
    - Marginally gaining weight

    - Experiencing a large degree of discouragement and apathy of the program
    - Losing strength

    Goals for next week:
    - Look for high calorie shake recipes.

  2. April 21

    Kicking off the Rockstar exercise regimen has been a fairly seamless progression for me from a weightlifting perspective. During the application process I started exercising and dieting again, knowing that if I were selected, that I would really need to drop a good amount of weight and be healthy enough to undertake Rockstarís extreme fitness program when it started in April. Three months ago, I was 210 pounds and couldnít run a mile on the treadmill without taking a break in between. Mainly because my knees and ankles couldnít take the pounding weight of my fat frame. I reincorporated weights, running and healthy diet back into my life along with intermittent fasting. I pretty much quit drinking (went out one night with friends to celebrate the day I quit my job after getting to know that I was selected for Rockstar). When the fitness program started in April, I had dropped exactly 10 kilograms (roughly 22 pounds) and I could run up to 5 miles on the treadmill without having to take breaks. I was ready for Rockstarís fitness programÖ.or was I?

    I have done a lite version of the Kris Gethinís Hardcore 12-week program in the past with good success. The most challenging aspect of sticking to a 12 week or long period exercise regime is maintaining a clean diet while juggling everything else in life. I love the gym, but am not the biggest fan of figuring out how to eat. Fortunately for me, Iím no longer working and have enough time to meal prep. Iím eating mainly oats, protein powder, chicken breasts, sweet potatoes and broccoli. All of it weighed out on a scale and logged into a tracker that has been created by our program mentors. Iím supplementing with BCAAs, L-Carnitine, Creatine and Glutamine, Tribulus, fish oil and vitamins. All of this has been a big shock to my system. Iím not used to doing cardio twice per day and pushing myself to the point of failure in the gym.

    This week is what I would consider a success. First of all I was able to drop a little over 7lbs. Shedding weight has become very tough for me over the past couple of years. My metabolism seems to have gotten a boost from eating 5-6 small meals per day along with some of the fat burner supplements and the Tribulus.

    One of the cool things that Iím noticing about this program so far so far is the level of accountability we share across the group of guys on the program. Weíve all been assigned mentors who have gone through the process themselves. I have two mentors on different sides of the world in a group chat with me, so I can get a question answered pretty much 24/7.

    Some fitness goals that Iíd like to achieve during this time:

    1) Drop my body fat down to 10-12% range. Thatís a lot in 12 weeks. But Iím gunning for it.

    2) Drop at another 10-15 kilograms from my Fitness Program starting weight.

    3) Run 4.5-5k in 20 minutes Ė we have 20-minute cardio sessions twice per day in this program and I want to utilize them to increase my running speed. I havenít run a 5k in under 20 minutes in over 20 years.

    Starting Weight: 86.4kgs

    Current Weight: 83kgs

  3. April 28

    The week started off strong and I managed to drop another pound on the scale. However there seems to be a lot of water weight swings. I go to Bikram Yoga a few times per week and its no real surprise that the mornings after Bikram seem to show bigger drops on the scale. The good thing is that I’ve been getting in a routine and nailing the diet down into the appropriate macro percentages quite well. I do go to sleep at night feeling somewhat hungry, but I’m used to that feeling now as I was doing some intermittent fasting a few days per week prior to starting this fitness program. I am just trying to be mindful of my energy levels, especially before I lift, so I can put in the maximum effort when I’m hitting weights.


    - Clothes are definitely fitting looser in all the right spots and getting tighter in the arms and shoulders. I’m starting to bust some clothes out of the closet that I haven’t worn in a while. I’ve got a long way to go to get where I want to be, but it's an encouraging sign.

    - I’ve dropped enough sagging water weight and face fat that I think I’m looking a little younger. When I’m overweight, I tend to age a few more years. It was my 44th birthday this week and a girl couldn’t believe I was out of my 30s when I told her my actual age. Earlier this year people didn’t have any trouble guessing I was in my mid-40s. Maybe the girl guessing my age were bullshitting me to be nice, but I choose to believe her


    - My scale weight has done a bit of a yoyo this week. I’m sure it has to do with water and fluid intake, but I got pretty excited with the 7 pound drop I had last week. I’ve bounced up a little through out the week, but by week end I’m down around 1.5 pounds in total from last week. The body fat composition read on the scale sucks too, but at least its trending in the right direction over these past two weeks.

    - I may be looking a little younger, but my body still feels old AF in some places. My ankles don’t want to run on the treadmill right now. I’m doing extra sessions of Bikram Yoga as my second cardio in the afternoon to help relieve my joints. I really want to stay on track with the treadmill as running has always been one of my favorite forms of exercise.

    Goals for the week:

    - Try to get back on the treadmill ASAP. I’ve found that when I run more, my body fat tends to come off faster than when I do low intensity cardio sessions.

    - Get down to 81 KGs or less. I feel like this week was a kind of a plateau, but I think getting down to 80-81 KGs is doable. My target for the start of the program is around 70-72 KGs. Dropping around one kilogram per week from here on out.

    - Start getting my personal affairs in order. Ramadan will be starting in around a week. Ideally, I’d like to leave this place for one month and avoid having to go to the gym while you can’t consume water or protein shakes. But I need to get a lot of things done here in town with my car, apartment and taxes before heading out. Also plan on where to go next. I may Air BnB an apartment in Bangkok or go down to a fitness focused area of the island of Phuket. May flip a coin on that one (or Google which one has better weather right now lol).

    Starting Weight This Week: 83kgs
    Current Weight: 82.4kgs

  4. May 5

    This week was pretty similar to last week. Slower paced change on the scale from week one, but am still down a little over a kilogram which is keeping me on pace to lose around one KG per week during the fitness portion of the program. I battled with some stomach sickness, a sore throat and small cold towards the end of the week, but I’ve managed to plow through it. I recognized the symptoms and loaded up on vitamin C and glutamine. My food has changed very little from last week, so not quite sure how I got the stomach bug. I’ve been filling up my BCAA bottle with fountain water from the gym, so maybe that’s what it was. My goal of getting back on the treadmill or even running much for that matter has hit a wall. I was only able to manage two runs and the rest of my cardio sessions have been on the stairmaster or elliptical machine.

    On the non-fitness side of things, I’ve got the ball rolling with starting the process of paying my American income taxes, dealing with leaving my foreign residency situation and finding a buyer for my car. Once Rockstar is over, I don’t really intend to move back to my current city of Dubai unless something amazing presents itself to me. I’ve been working in financial services for several years and am actually looking forward to taking a long break from working in an office job. I will likely want to do some travelling around the world. Part of my time right now is getting my affairs in order and offloading a lot of unnecessary excess furniture and clothes. As I look around my apartment, I struggle to see items that really mean anything to me. That said, I do like my comfy bed and will miss crashing into it.

    So how did the week go on?


    - I’ve dropped a good amount of body fat percentage on the scale monitor. The machine fluctuates wildly, so I’m not totally confident in its accuracy when I step on the scale, but it is showing a nice down trend since the start.

    - I’m starting to get comments on my noticeable change in appearance. Two separate people have said that I’ve dropped a good amount of weight since they’ve last seen me. When you check the scale every day, sometimes you don’t realize progress until somebody says something. My main goal is dropping fat right now. I think my frame supports muscle fairly well and if I keep hammering out all the exercises on the program, I’ll continue to add muscle while losing this load of fat on me.

    - My cravings for junk food are almost non-existent. But let’s see how that goes when I’m passing a padthai stand on the street in Thailand next week.


    - I want to be out of Dubai during Ramadan, which is starting this evening but that doesn’t look possible for at least another week until I get some things taken care of.

    - My cardio has been relegated to low intensity slow burn cardio. I would prefer to run or do something more intense, however, my ankle is telling me to stick with the elliptical machine. For me to get the same kind of calorie burn as running, I need to spend an extra 10 to 15 minutes on a slow burn cardio machine. It's not all that bad as I tend to catch up on podcasts or Netflix shows.

    Goals for the Week:

    - Try to lose another kilogram and get to 80kgs or under by end of week 4. I haven’t been at that weight in two years.

    - Finalize the sale of my car.

    - Start clearing out my apartment.

    - Finalize a few more tax and residency errands.

    - Plan Thailand trip and buy air tickets that I can schedule around my diet and exercise program.

    Starting Weight This Week: 82.4kgs

    Current Weight: 81.3kgs

  5. May 12

    This week was slightly hectic. On the fitness front, I banged out all of my workouts and was able to get running on the treadmill again. I was able to get to 79.2kgs on the scale, which is a nice milestone considering I haven’t been at this weight in a couple of years. I’m down 35 pounds since January and 15 pounds since the start of the Rockstar fitness program. I think part of the reason that I was able to lose some more weight these past two weeks is that I’ve been eating in a feeding window of 8 hours and fasting for 16 hours. The fasted window also has me sleeping for 8 hours, so I just don’t eat 4 hours before and after sleeping, which is very manageable.

    On the personal front, I had to get a number of big things done such as selling my car and setting up my month-long trip to Thailand starting this weekend. I was almost unable to sell my car at the last minute on a technicality here where the local government prevents you from selling a vehicle till its paid off at the bank which you financed it from. Funny thing is that I paid it off three years ago. Apparently, that doesn’t matter until you get the bank to give you a release letter showing that it was paid off. That meant I had to rush to the bank and get the letter all on a Ramadan afternoon leading up to the weekend (I mention Ramadan because things are notoriously slow during this time of year as people work shorter hours and tend not to be as proactive about getting things done). Fortunately, I was able to get the letter and am also fortunate that government agencies are open on Saturday, which allowed me to transfer ownership to the buyer. Had I not gotten it done, I would have had to change my trip, which would have been an expensive blunder given that I booked the cheapest fares.


    - I pretty much hit all of my goals for the week

    o I made it to 80kgs

    o Sold my vehicle

    o Bought my tickets to Thailand and was able to get what looks like a really cool apartment in Bangkok booked up for a couple of weeks.


    - I’m feeling some anxiety and fatigue and I think it’s a culmination of a few different things:

    o I’m giving everything I’ve got in terms of the gym and the diet and my body is feeling the fatigue. But will it be enough to hit my goals of being 70-72 kgs and 10-12% body fat? I’m becoming fearful that it won’t happen as I planned. I just have to keep plowing forward and give it my all until Vegas starts.

    o Also, I haven’t really taken the time to think about the life change ahead of me. Those thoughts are starting to creep in. I quit my job of nearly a decade. I am packing up and leaving a place that I’ve been for most of my adult life with no plans to return. Clearly, I was also stressed about getting my car sold and the drama that surrounded it which didn’t help with my mental and physical exhaustion.

    Goals for the week:

    - Make sure my diet remains on point once I arrive in Bangkok. This means I have to find some program approved foods as soon as I hit the ground and not eat any food on the plane.

    - Make sure my exercise regimen doesn’t skip a beat either. I’ve looked at several gyms online and my apartment complex has some decent cardio equipment. Most everything looks fairly seamless, but I’ve got to have a plan B.

    - Get to below 78.5 kgs or lower and maintain my pace of dropping one kilogram per week. I think this is going to be tougher (especially with traveling) as I continue to lose weight, but I need to keep gunning for it.

    - Destress and enjoy a nice two-hour foot massage once I get squared away in Bangkok

    Starting Weight: 81.3 kgs

    Current Weight: 79.2 kgs

  6. May 19

    Howdy from Bangkok, Thailand fellas. Its been a hectic week. I flew in on the red-eye from Dubai so that I could arrive in the morning and not miss any of my fitness portion of the program. I also basically switched a rest/yoga day with a workout day to make my travel day more bearable. Unfortunately, I arrived at 7:30 am and my property manager wouldn’t let me check in to my serviced apartment until 2 p.m. despite the fact that I requested an early check-in. I was a little bit pissed off, but it actually turned out to be a good thing because it forced me to go out and get my life set up here in terms of getting a gym membership and signing up for Thai classes. In fact, I attended an entire day of class before checking into my apartment. This required loads of coffee (no sugar or milk ) to stay awake and attentive during the class. After that, negotiated a month-long gym membership at a very nice and quiet body builder’s gym near my house and was able to return to do my work-out after I got some food in me.

    It took me a couple of days to get the diet re-calibrated to the macros that I’m aiming to hit, but I made sure to stay in the calorie range and eat as clean as possible. My weight continues to fall at my target pace of approximately 1kg per week leading up to Vegas. I made sure to bring supplements with me in my luggage and I’m fortunately staying at a condo with a very large supermarket next door which steams brown rice and sells an assortment of sweet potatoes. There’s also a food court that will cook chicken breasts for me (although they are fried on a skillet and suspect they’re using vegetable oil). But that said I’ve found some healthier options for my protein over the course of the week and am not getting my chicken from the food court anymore. The toughest part about assimilating is finding the right food options here but I’m working it out.

    Finally, I want to send a thank you to one of our fellow Rockstars. He helped introduce me to a close friend of his here in Bangkok who knows this place like the back of his hand. He’s shown me around a bit and we actually went surfing this past Friday night at one of those cool generated static wave parks. I fell on my ass quite a few times but it was really fun. I think the Thais watching probably had more fun though.

    Positives this week:

    - I exceeded my target of getting my weight lower than 78.5 kgs; getting down to 77.9 kgs

    - I think the fact that I didn’t get any sleep on the plane and was busy from the time I hit the ground all day Monday to the time I went to bed completely eliminated jetlag for me. My body clock hasn’t noticed the change in time zones at all.

    - The Thai classes are really helping me put together parts of the language that I was missing. I spoke a fair amount of the language before coming here, but I believe continuing these classes and staying here for a month will take my ability to communicate in this language to the next level.

    - I found a really cool park with a 2 km running track around a giant pond/lake which is located in the middle of the city here in Bangkok. I love to run and this will fit very nicely into my cardio routine. In fact, I ran around the park twice today to knock out a cardio session.

    - Carrying less weight is helping my ability to run more frequently.

    Negatives this week:

    - The city here has its share of pollution. Running outside is cool at the park, but getting there requires some nasty smells and taking in around 5 or so minutes of exhaust from cars and motorbikes.

    - I can’t sign up for the next Thai course because I have to go back to Dubai next month to cancel my old company’s residence visa and transition to another residence visa there. I really enjoy learning new languages and I’m having a lot of fun practicing what I’m learning with the locals here.

    Goals for the week:

    - Stay on track and get down to 77 kgs or below.

    - Try to spend at least one entire day this upcoming week not saying a single word in English. This may require me having to go off the social media grid for a day or not speak with any expats and tourists. It’s going to be a little bit of a challenge, but I think I can do it.

    - Instead of checking my phone for unimportant things like looking at Instagram, study my Thai language flashcards and master all of my lessons from the language course.

    Starting Weight: 79.2 kgs
    Current Weight: 77.9 kgs

  7. May 26

    It’s been a nice week of mainly just staying in a routine. I’ve been hitting the gym every day as well as running in the park for my cardio sessions when I can. I had a buddy visit on the weekend from London. He kind of expected that I’d be drinking, but I basically told him I was on a health kick and wouldn’t be able to partake with him. It was cool because he just had a few drinks while we were out. Bangkok is a crazy place and he got to experience the naughty side of the town as many tourists like to do. It was fun, but ended up being really tiring as I was used to going to bed around 11 pm and waking up at 7:30 am for Thai classes. I’m kind of glad he’s taking off so I can go strong on my last week of this language course without interruptions. At the end of this upcoming week, I plan on going down to Phuket where the focus will be 100% fitness. I will probably add more to my cardio regimen there and do yoga daily in addition to the required lifting and diet. I have the time, so I may as well dedicate my all to this program.


    - I was able to shed approximately another kilogram. I ended up at 77 kgs down from 77.9. My body weight and fat scale % fluctuates with water intake during the day but the trend is still downwards and that’s what counts. The fat percentage is routinely in the 16-17% range for this week. That’s a lot better then where I started at 26% six weeks ago. I can’t believe that I’ve made it this far so fast. The % bodyfat scale may be lying a little, but I feel like a different physical version of myself for sure. That said, I still need to get down to 10% or better by Vegas while building and retaining muscle mass.

    - I was able to spend most of this past week speaking Thai without using any English. I’ve learned how to ask "how do you say xxx" or "what does this mean?" in Thai or worst case play charades with people until they help me with how to say it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep it up the entire time while my friend was in town, but he was pretty impressed with the amount of the language that I’ve picked up. I must say that the Thai people are very friendly and helpful when they see a foreigner like me trying to learn their language. Most of the time there’s a look of shock on their faces followed by laughter (mainly because I might pronounce “ride on a motorcycle” like “shit on a motorcycle” because the pronunciation is so challenging in the language. One word that a person hears in English can be six different words in Thai depending on a slight tone variation). But the cool thing is that I’m calibrating to the language with all the help of all the people here I practice the language with in my day to day.


    - My living situation is starting become logistically painful. I had to change apartments because my condo was booked by another guest beyond the time that I wanted to stay. They put me in a new condo with no blanket on the bed and a dripping faucet that couldn’t be stopped. Ironically there was no running water from the very same faucet. Just a drip. FML. Well, both situations caused me to lose an entire night’s worth of sleep because the air-conditioning was too cold and the drip was very loud and annoying. Thai water torture? I sent a video to my property manager for both issues and they agreed to move me to a new place tomorrow. But the lack of sleep leaves me feeling really like I don’t want to train today. It will get done, but I may need to grab a coffee ahead of the gym.

    - When I leave Bangkok and travel to Phuket, I’m going to have to move a rest/yoga day forward because I won’t have much time to go to the gym between the last day of Thai classes and my flight out to Phuket. I think I’ll manage it.

    Goals for the Week:

    - Stay on top of the Thai classes. Have lessons and vocab nailed down before all classes. Finish the course strong.

    - Run at the park for my second cardio of the day at least three days before heading to Phuket.

    - Get straight to work on my diet and exercise when I get to Phuket.

    - Lose another kilogram. This is getting tougher and tougher. I think if I even lose more than half a KG I’m not going to feel as though I failed at it this week.

    Starting Weight: 77.9 KGs

    Current Weight: 77 KGs

  8. June 2

    Progress and Failure

    Now the weeks feel like they’re flying by. One of my biggest problems in general is maintaining long lasting motivation. I usually get really excited about something, go totally gung-ho over it and then start slipping after a few weeks/months. This is the longest I’ve ever stayed true to a fitness regimen without cheating on weightlifting, cardio and food. I’ve been going to the gym for several years, but I also go through periods of self-sabotage and kill progress made with binge eating and booze. As I get older and my metabolism slows down, I am realizing how much I need to maintain a healthy diet and go to the gym. Recovering from a week of partying and binge eating can take up to a month or more for me to get back to the same level of health as before I went off ledge. Healthy living needs to be like a religion for me. That said, this week I found myself slacking a little in terms of logging my workouts and food on time. I need to stay on top of all of this stuff and finish strong. I have made a ton of progress. To put things into perspective, so far after week 7 of the fitness program, I’m down 21 pounds. Currently I am back in Phuket, Thailand where I was in March and the hotel staff where I stay can’t believe how different I look from when I was here then. They all keep saying “pom” which means slim and “lon” which means handsome. Its kind of funny and feels great, but I also have to be mindful falling off the wagon. I know the other guys on PR 2019 are busting their asses and I’m not going to be the guy who shows up knowing that he could have put in more effort in the gym or maintained the dietary parameters better.

    That leads me to something I’ve been thinking about over the past couple of weeks: The idea of Failure. For the longest time I’ve associated a negative connotation with failures. Primarily because I am a person who has failed at many things when it comes to personal development. Much of the time it has had more to do with me not finishing something that I’ve started rather than having given an honest effort. I think its fair to call that type of failure negative. Because I quit on myself. I don’t think a person ever sees much progress and personal growth from constantly behaving that way. In fact, I think constantly giving up is something that has contributed to a negative self-image that I’ve projected upon myself. Its a feeling that I don't have confidence in myself. However, there seems to be an alternative failure. In self help communities, particularly in dating/pick up, you hear guys talking about how they actually enjoy moments of failure. Because when they fail, they learn something. There’s even an adage in self-development called “win or learn.” This is an area where I haven’t enjoyed as much of these types of reference experiences. The reason being is because people who get better at a skill set at least give an honest effort at something. They are getting the right reference experiences, good or bad, that helps them evolve. Part of the reason I'm thinking about this is because something cool has been happening over the past few weeks where I actually have been putting myself in situations, either in the gym or immersed in my language learning where I’ve actually started to enjoy my failures. For example, here in Thailand I’m constantly trying to speak nothing but Thai here with the locals. Sometimes I think I know something and have it down in their language, but then get a little giggle from the person that I’m speaking to. They’ll correct me and teach me what I've screwed up properly. Or when I get an answer wrong on my exams and quizzes in Thai. Strangely I would prefer to get something wrong than right when I'm guessing the answer. If I get it right on a guess, it turns out to be a false positive for my ego. When I get it wrong, I learn more from those moments when reviewing the right answers. Failure can lead to quick progress for me if I do it the right way (sounds kind of ironic). Not sure why I got off on that tangent, but this is a journal and those are my thoughts.


    - I’ve lost 40 pounds since I started my Project Rockstar application process back in January. I knew that if I were to get accepted to this, that I would need a real head start before even the fitness program started. The fitness program has just kicked things into a higher gear. I still have a long way to go before I hit my physique goals, but I’m really happy with my progress so far in terms of weight loss.

    - I hit all my goals for last week except that I didn’t meet my weight loss of one kilogram. I managed to make it to the gym despite having friends visiting me in Bangkok. I even left a bar they were partying at to go running in the park and agreed to meet up with them later. It was kind of funny though with me drinking soda waters while they were downing Jager bombs.


    - My weight loss isn’t really happening at the same pace. This feels inevitable. The more I get down to a lower weight, it seems the harder it is to come off.

    - I was starting to slack off in entering things into my fitness tracker. The job got done, but I have to remain vigilant about staying on track. If I blow one thing off, I’ll get comfortable and shirk on meals or won’t go as hard in the gym.
    Goals for the Week:

    - Find a gym that offers an intense cardio training group class for a reasonable price and join a weight lifting gym for a week. I only have one week left on my visa here in Thailand before I have to head back to Dubai. I need to spend it going all out in the gym.

    - Try to get to Bikram Yoga 4 to 5 times over the next 7 days in addition to lifting and cardio. I always feel really good after doing this and 90 minutes of hot yoga is probably equivalent to around 25-30 minutes of jogging in terms of calorie burn.

    - Make sure I have all of my Project Rockstar journaling and tracker logging done on time and immediately.

    Starting Weight: 77 KGs
    Current Weight: 76.7 KGs

  9. #29

    Week 1

    First week is in the books and it was a week of both challenges and some definite positives.


    Last Sunday (April 14th) I got back from Amsterdam late in the afternoon and had to fly to New York early Monday. So I didn’t spend nearly the time I should have preparing for what is an all encompassing workout program.

    I was was not at home for most of the week due to travel and that made the eating part difficult. My solution was to basically eat only eggs at the hotel buffet and buy dinner from Whole Foods in pre-packaged containers so I knew exactly how many calories I was consuming. I hit my calorie goals but my macro split was all over the place.

    Even though I’ve been working out semi-regularly for 15 years, I’ve basically done the same exercises the entire time. It means that I’ve had to watch videos on how to do at least 2 exercises every day.


    I lost weight this week, starting at about 76 KGs and ending at 74 KGs (see Americans can adapt!). My goal is to get to around 70 and 7-8% body fat in 4 weeks and then start gaining.

    4 of the new exercises (new to me) I really like - lying cable extensions, upright barbell row, the standing pulldown and ab ripper x. Call me strange but I enjoy doing the ab ripper x...maybe I’m not pushing hard enough but my ab soreness suggests otherwise.

    The smart scale and the fitbit I bought per Andrew’s rec are super nifty. I’m a pretty cheap dude and never buy the latest tech gadgets. Of course when I do, they instantly change my life. I think I checked my fitbit 373 times today.

    I showed up to my gym today and it was closed for Easter (thanks Jesus!) but I sure as hell wasn’t going to miss a workout. So I signed up for a free pass at a gym nearby to get a free workout. Turns out it’s a way, way nicer gym than mine and the same price so I switched gyms and am pretty pumped about it.

    It feels good to be part of a program rather than just going through the motions like I have been for years. And eating clean has been easy with the right motivation.

  10. #30

    Week 2

    Second week is in the books!


    Again I had to travel this week as I was in New York finishing up a project. It was an intense last week and I ended up averaging 4 hours and 5 minutes of sleep from Sunday through Wednesday night. Still got all my workouts in...but had to leave the rest of the team at 10 pm one night to sneak on one in. Probably frowned upon, however you really need to prioritize yourself sometimes

    Again not being at home for most of the week due to travel and made the eating part difficult. My solution was still to basically eat only eggs at the in the morning and try to eat everything else pre-packaged (salads and what not). Again, I hit my calorie goals but my macro split was all over the place. My fat % was almost 50% this week so need to cut way back on whole eggs and almonds. Almonds are just an easy snack (I eat 10 at a time) throughout the day and I can easily keep a bag in my backpack, but will need to cut back to 10-20 a day

    I’ve never done 50 reps of anything in my life. The hack squat today was no picnic


    I lost weight this week, about 2 pounds. I also look better than I have since my 20s for sure. Pretty awesome to make noticeable progress in two weeks.

    I’m still cranking through most of the workouts. My new gym already came in handy being open 24 hours. I flew back to Chicago on Thursday night and landed at about 11:30 and went straight to the gym.

    I’m not traveling next week so dieting will be much easier. I’ve loaded up on approved foods including a ton of chicken and fish. I don’t think I will have too much trouble hitting my macro splits for the week.

    My fitbit, I’m a little obsessed

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