How to let her know she was just a hook-up?

So i have been studying methods with books and internetz, after different dates i finally met this girl on tinder, and just lost my virginity to her. Even before meeting up she was texting stuff like my love, babe etc. and repeatedly asked me if i love her during sex and also told me she loved me when i dropped her off, (i just laughed and waved and walked away). How do i get her to stop trying to make things serious with me in a polite way if possible. (She seemed like she was about to cry when i jokingly tried to crack to her this was a one time thing)

TLDR: Hooked up with an overly attached girl (i was about to lost my virginity so i didn't care about the red flags and did it anyway), she acts like we have been dating forever, how do i bail out?

ps: she just texted me as i am writing this, "what you up to my love?", this whole thing happened like 20 minutes ago wth?